What you want may show up differently | Fola Daniel Adelesi

Having seen a few things in this life, I am certain about the fact that what we want may not always show up the way we want them. It is therefore our responsibility to train ourselves so well that we can recognise what we want even when they show up in different packaging.

Sometimes all you want is greatness but greatness will not always show up as greatness. Greatness will often come up as challenges that you have to surmount in order to achieve that desired greatness. When you keep looking for greatness to show up in some well packaged opportunities, you will keep missing the greatness because it will sometimes show up as challenges and little situations to just help other peole.

There are times when you ask for something but you are offered another thing. When offered another thing, don’t be blind to just refuse without considering the fact that the new stuff you’re being offered can still get you what you want or even much more.

Life isn’t straightforward. Don’t always expect that you will paint a picture of what you want and everything simply aligns with the picture in your mind. There are times when you are going to a given destination with a familiar route. Other things may come up along the known route and you’ll have to use unknown route. If getting to your destination is the most important thing to you, then you should know that using a particular route isn’t the issue. If you are not the one driving, you may get uncomfortable if the driver is unknown and untrusted. You may become afraid if the new and unfamiliar route is lonely and appears dangerous.

Life sometimes changes our familiar routes. We get uncomfortable about that and the new route seems very lonely. When the route is changed, the destination remains the same. In some cases, the new route gets us to our destination faster. In other cases, the new route just turns out to be the best route.

You need to keep your mind open and work with the mindset that what you want is going to happen but it may not happen just the way you want it. That opportunity you want is going to come but it may not come the way you want. That person you want to meet is still going to come your way but you may be meeting in a different circumstance.

Keep going. Keep working and keep hoping.

Fola Daniel Adelesi

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