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For many years we, motivational speakers, have talked about doggedness and for the first time in Nigeria we have fresh example to relate with. Many people have thought that our examples are mere motivations and can only happen in ideal society. But here, following the 2015 elections in Nigeria, we now have a real example for doggedness not happening in an ideal environment.

Many people already know and some others need to be reminded that the President elect, General Muhammadu Buhari has contested the elections three times before this last one that he won. He tried in 2003, 2007, 2011 and finally got it in 2015.

After losing in 2015 he said he was not going to try anymore and he felt bad about the choice that Nigerians had made. It didnt look like he was going to make it to the top anymore. He probably had decided to resign to his home state in Katsina and only come out when invited for some functions.

Just when we thought it was over and we were not going to see anymore of him, he decided to give it another shot and that shot turned out to be one of the most difficult for him. In the previous elections, no one tackled him as much as he was tackled in this last election.

I think that his victory is a proof of the fact that when you are close to victory, things can be tougher. Some people also believe that it is darkest when it is close to dawn. There are so many things we can say to corroborate the fact that when you are really close to something good then things will really be tough.

The last few weeks in Nigeria would have been the toughest for the General. There were so many campaigns running against. Many of them were not just commercials meant to discredit him, they were really terrible allegations that can easily make you hate him. Thats how bad it was. The commercials were not even targeted are swaying you to just vote for another person. They were meant to dent his image seriously.

After several attempts to dent his image and to ensure he loses credibility, they swung into action to make sure people think he does not have a certificate. They tried severally and also went to court on that. A series of drama came up as a result of that and even the military was drafted into that drama. The same military where he became a general came out to say they did not have his certificate.

One thing was clear all through his campaign period. He was not going to give up or be deterred by the cheap tactics of his opponents. He was ready to go all the way. While the detractors were so busy making efforts to discredit him, he and his team were really busy telling people what they were going to do for the nation.

Not too many people understand what it is to lose and to also lose consistently. He lost the first time and continued until the third loss. For many of us, we probably would have said God obviously does not want us to win. So we think its okay to give up and thats also a stylish way of hiding behind God in order to give up.

I dare say that what you believe in will come to you if only you continue and do not give up for whatever reason. It may take a while for you to get it. You may lose a few times but losing will no longer matter by the time you have won.

Some people who have lost a couple of times really agree with me that victory is always sweet after losing. Thats because they know the feelings on both sides.

Beyond the tension or anxiety that comes with this 2015 election or the projection for crisis, I have personally learnt that doggedness often pays off. I hope that you also take this away as a lesson and apply it to your life regardless of your political affiliation. 

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