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We always look forward to the end of the tunnel when we are in the tunnel of life. That is understandably so because of the many issues we face in the tunnel. The delays are too much for us to handle. The setbacks are more than discouraging. We don’t like it when nothing seems to be happening for us. We just want the light to come as soon as possible. When we eventually get into the light at the end of the tunnel, it’s always another game entirely. Some forget the tunnel experience and others do not forget the tunnel experience.

I am sure that, like many other people, you do not want to remember your tunnel experience in life as soon as you are out of them. You do not want to go back to those dark days. They can make you sad and give you heartbreaks so you just want to enjoy the new life that you have now.

You are already praying that everything will go well and that nothing will interrupt the great life you now have. In fact, many are afraid that they might go back to the dark days. Rather than enjoy their new life they are living in fear. The fear of becoming poor again i ruling some people. The fear of going back to that level of having nothing is torturing some others daily. There are those who have good jobs now and they are living in fear of becoming jobless again. That is also not helped by the media which constantly talks about job cuts and meltdowns in different countries of the world.

I am not writing this so that you can become afraid and start thinking about the tunnel again or retuning to the tunnel. You are out of the tunnel of life and it is time for you to enjoy life. But while enjoying what life offers you after the tunnel of life, you must never forget what happened in the tunnel.

If you forget what happened to you in the tunnel of life and you live carefree, you just might be clearing the paths for yourself to return to the tunnel of life. Some people do not learn from history or experiences. That is why they repeatedly fall into the same crisis or trouble all the time. We must not be the people who will never learn from experiences. Another issue is that we do not always have to learn from our own experiences. We can take advantage of the experiences of others, learn from them and save ourselves the agony that those people experienced.

You can’t choose to ignore the tunnel experience because the reason you experienced that tunnel is about to happen. You did not go through the tunnel just because you liked it in there. Nobody likes it inside the tunnel of life. You always want to be out. But you should never forget why you went through it. If you do, you will not only return to the tunnel but also live longer there.

Remember that the things we go through in life are for some reasons. Even when it seems as if we are the ones that have made terrible mistakes. There are still important things to hold unto. That lesson that you learnt in the tunnel of life must be put to use after the tunnel. If you do not put that lesson in the tunnel to use then you have wasted the time and experience in the tunnel. You went through hardships for nothing.

Again, those who have not learnt in hardship will experience hardship again. Just as those who can’t prove what they have learnt will fail exams until the can prove it. Save yourself the agony of the tunnel experience again. Reflect on the lessons that have been learnt. Hold them as important tools for you in life. Run with them and continuously excel in life.

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