Appreciate each other as a couple | Fola Daniel Adelesi

In relationships and marriages, many couples do not appreciate themselves until it is too late to do so. When you listen to many married people, the real issue in their relationship is the fact that someone feels unappreciated and the other person does not understand why this person feels unappreciated.

If you ask the person who barely appreciates his or her spouse, you will hear things like, ‘but he knows I love him.’ You may hear, ‘but she knows I appreciate her.’ I hope you take to this really good counsel. Despite the fact that your spouse knows about your appreciation from your heart, it is still very important to verbalise it. Don’t just hope your spouse knows that he or she is appreciated. Say it.

What the knowledge of appreciation does is different from what the expression of appreciation does. Words work like magic because they are really magic. With words, you can tell someone they are so important when they are nothing. With words, you can also tell a very important person that he is a nobody and he will believe you when he hears you repeatedly. That’s to tell you how important words are.

Words even resonate more when they are negative and you will need several other positive words to counter one negative word. That’s because negative words get to the heart easily. Because careful to not say the things you do not mean or the things that you might say because of anger.

You should also note that it is not only with words that you can appreciate your spouse. You can put it in writing or give gifts. Sometimes, giving a prolonged hug and holding their hands firmly can simply reaffirm that you believe in them. In your relationship, you both may have a way of saying to each other that you appreciate yourselves. If you have a way like that and it is clearly known to both of you, please use it very often as a way of appreciating yourselves.

There are too many people in marriages right now that are just hanging in there and they feel like they really do not know what to do. When your wife cooks, don’t just descend on the food and act like it’s her duty. Say thank you. When your husband buys you stuff, don’t just act like it is the duty of the husband. Say thank you and make him feel like a great husband in your own way. When either of the couple buys something for the children, the other partner should join in the appreciation with the children.

Some marriages can be saved just by having the couples appreciate themselves for little things that happen daily. Until you come to consciously appreciate yourselves, you may not make the most of your marriage.

One important reason couples also get to that point where they do not appreciate themselves is the fact that you both have become so familiar with yourselves. You are far better than allowing familiarity to reduce or stop your appreciation to each other as spouses. You may have lived together for years, it is not enough reason to stop appreciating yourselves now that you know it is a secret to keeping the marriage alive and prolonging it.

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