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A few days ago at the 2012 Annual Celebration of FATE Foundation, a non-profit and private organization that focuses on training entrepreneurs, the chairman and founder, Mr. Fola Adeola quoted one of his professors as saying that entrepreneurs are mad people. The premises for the debatable conclusion include the fact that you could seat back and enjoy being paid salaries from another organization instead of struggling very hard to pay the salaries of other people. You could also just wake up and go to work where you are given the next instruction rather than rack your brain about where to get the next money to execute the projects on ground.

Coming from the perspective of comfort, it really sounds like only mad people want to start a business and try to pay other people when they could as well just seat back and get paid! On a deeper thought from my end, I began to imagine how people would also get job if everyone decided to seat back and get a job so as to be paid instead of trying to pay others! I think I can to an extent agree with the fact that entrepreneurs do not think normally like every other person because there are so many business odds you have to scale through to keep your business in good order. I also agree that when you think like every other person then you are not ready to start and build an exceptional business so it’s really better you don’t start at all.

I see some people who are entrepreneurs and people think they are enjoying but hardly look at the other side of the work they do! When so many people close at 5PM in order to go an rest, an entrepreneur is probably just beginning his work because he cannot try to fix his work schedule into a time since he has not stabilized the business. Until the business begins to generate its own customers or fund itself, most entrepreneurs do not have a regular working time. There so many of them who do not sleep all through the night just to be able to create a clear idea about what they want to do to help other people and put food on the tables of their families. I am also wondering, if we are not really mad, why would you always lose your sleep when you can just take up a job that pays you from 8-5 and you do nothing outside of those hours! Why would you take the path where you have to be thinking when others are relaxing and just waiting for the salaries to drop in their account at the end of the month?

Let’s leave the working hours and also look at the risk a lot on entrepreneurs are taking! There are those who about to go into businesses they have not tried before yet they are willing to use the only house they have as the collateral for the loans they want to take! Some other people have only one valuable thing to them and they stake it all just for one business even when they are not sure that the business will yield as they thought. They just believe the business will turn out well and they take all the risk they can possibly take!

To actually say that entrepreneurs are mad is not to conclusively say that they are lunatics but all the things they do really point to the fact that they do not think like normal people and so do not act like normal people. They can be called mad because they have taken the unpopular path and are deliberately embracing risks, hardship in some cases and sleepless nights for other when there is obviously an easy way out!

Maybe you should help with my pondering! Are entrepreneurs really mad?

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