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Reverend Sam Adeyemi will always say that decisions determine destiny and it is so true that it determines your destiny in leadership. Decisions will determine if you will continue as a leader or if you will have to step down as a leader. As a leader you will have to decide in so many cases who does what and who is not permitted to do certain things. In the case of a business organization you will also have to decide who gets hired or who gets fired! Simply put, the destiny of so many people will be in your hands and what you make of it rests on the kind of decision you take.

A leader will have to be very concerned about taking good or bad decisions. In some cases, you may take bad decisions and not know that they are bad decisions. In very few cases you will take good decisions and may not be so sure about the decisions. There’s also that time when some leaders know that the decision they are about to take is bad for the people they are leading and they still go ahead because there are hidden benefits for them. This is what you see with many politicians though it is not restricted to politicians. Sometimes, contracts for infrastructure are awarded to less qualified people who are willing to pay bribes even though the office holders taking those bribes and awarding contracts know that using inferior materials from less qualified people can kill some citizens! I usually refrain from speaking ill of people who are referred to as men of God but there are some of them who have also been paid to give false prophecies. Some people who were never supposed to get married have been deceived into getting married because some has paid the prophet to get one party in the proposed marriage to believe that it was a perfect arrangement to stick with.

In leadership you have to learn and be constantly conscious of what decisions to take and why you are taking those decisions at those times. In some cases you have to take decisions that will require immediate results and in some cases you will have to take decisions for the long term benefit of the organization. I must say, however, that if you are taking decisions you need to watch which one you take more often. It is true that you may have reasons to take so many quick decisions but if you are the type of leader that takes only quick decisions then you have an issue that you need to check! If you are prepared for the leadership position that you are in then you would have taken some decisions for a long term benefit and some of those decisions taken for long term will determine how you even take decision in a short term situation.

Every great leader must also recognize the fact that decision making is not only about them. Everything stops on your table but it does not mean that you will take all the decisions. You must empower other people to be able to take some of the decisions that will affect the organizations. I think you should also know about the fact that delegation begins from decision making. There are decisions you can transfer to other people. Sometimes you may have to make decisions having to do with some technical issues and you may not be an expert in that area. In such situations you have to rely on expert opinion either within your organization or outside the organization. Don’t try to be the alpha and omega when it comes to decision making. Sometimes what makes you a good decision maker is that you are willing to let go off your personal opinion and take a decision that will ultimately benefit the people you are leading or the organization you are leading. In a few instances as well, you may have to stand your ground and insist on some decisions you have taken. What I will say here is that you must be wise enough to know when your opinion should become flexible and when you must stand your ground.

Always remember that the decisions you take today will affect the life of the organization and the life of the organization is about the people you are leading. In law, there is what the lawyers call precedence. The way, style, decisions and facts guiding the judgment given by a competent court of law today will determine how subsequent cases relating to the same matter will be decided. In life as well, every leader has an opportunity to set precedence through decision making because some of the decisions you take today will determine how things are done tomorrow.

Remember, decisions determine destiny!

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