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Earlier today I turned on the television and was hoping to catch up with global news and get updates on the Boston bombings and other issues like France voting to legalize same sex marriage. After flipping the channels around for a while I got stuck with CNN and I saw this interesting feature about a young lady collecting bras from ladies around the country. I got interested and really wanted to know why someone was collecting bras and knowing that some of them were used ones!

One of the lady’s friends who was her pastor in the United States had moved to Mozambique with his family after hearing about human trafficking and how ladies were used for prostitution. He really wanted to help and he thought that this was his chance to help so he took a great risk by moving his wife and children to Mozambique all in the quest to help people who are victims of human trafficking. These people are now free from human trafficking but the pastor was seriously concerned for them and thought that if there was nothing they were doing, they could return to prostitution. He didn’t want that so he thought about hooking up some of the ladies with other women who were already selling used cloths in the market. Selling cloths was big business for the women because people needed cloths and were willing to pay for them.

While this was going on, he got in touch with his former church member in the US and talked to her about collecting used bras from different people and sending to Africa so that these ex-prostitutes could sell. They got started on this and before they knew it, they got over 26,000 bras ready to be sent to Mozambique. Then the challenge of shipping the bras came up! While they were thinking about how to solve the shipping problems, another great guy who was into shipping as a business was on vacation in another country and had tuned in to CNN so he saw their projects. While they were saying that shipping was a major issue for them, he said ‘that’s the easiest part’ because shipping is his business.

To cut the story short, about four ordinary people did something extraordinary by just collecting bras from around the country and shipping them to a country where some ex-prostitutes who were victims of human trafficking could sell them. From there they started and organization called ‘Free the girls.’ It all began from a thought and it was just about helping some people become free from human trafficking and prostitution!

Ideas have moved them! They have proven that when you have a will there will be a way and now they have also done more than just helping the ladies to become free! They have given the ladies a life because as at the time of the feature on CNN, the ladies were already making more than the minimum wage of their country in their daily sales!

I was moved by the story because that is a real story of empowering other people. These four guys who came together to start something great did not know how big it was going to become and they could have sat down in their houses running down everyone who has gone into prostitution. They did not do that. They came up with a solution and the victims of human trafficking also looked away from prostitution and turned to something they could work on to decently feed their families!

I have shared this so that we all can begin to think more about empowering people instead of running them down and to think about saving other people’s lives much more than we just want to accomplish dreams of our own that make us look so big in the presence of other people.

Life is about making real impact and not perceived impact!
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