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It is going to be nearly impossible for anyone to succeed without a combination of the right mindset. Your mindset, apart from all the other things that can help you succeed, will probably be the most important factor in your success. This, therefore, means that people with very poor backgrounds can become successful if they believe they can and those with fairly good background can end up as terrible failures with the wrong mindset.

It is called a mindset because it talks about the things that have set in your mind. It is about the things that have become fixed in your mind and when things are fixed in your mind, they determine how you respond to every situation. The things fixed in your mind determine how you take advantage of opportunities or how you view problems.

You probably already know that there are good mindsets and bad mindsets. The good mindsets are the healthy beliefs that are helping you to forge ahead in life. They are the kinds of mindset that are making it easy for you to relate with other people and get help easily from them. With a good mindset, winning in life becomes easy. It also becomes easy to become a team player and get more done in such a good time.

On the other hand, when you have a bad or poor or terrible mindset, you will not be able to achieve much. As you begin to build anything worthwhile, a bad mindset will become a blog in the wheel. You find it hard to work with others or get help. When they try to help you, your mindset ruins things.

I have seen so many nice people who should be making it in life but they do not have the right mindset to get going or get anything done. Sadly, when you engage them you will realize that they are not ready to change those mindsets that are holding them back.

One of the mindsets you must destroy quickly is the belief that there is nothing you can do about your situation. You may not have been born in pleasant circumstances but you do have a choice about remaining in that circumstance. You could have been born poor but remaining poor is a choice that is up to you. I can understand that the family you were born into is poor and there is no problem with that. It is nothing to be ashamed of. Be proud of your people because they brought you up without prejudice. It will be unfair to turn around and judge them for being poor. That’s not a crime or a sin.

You, on the other hand, must come to terms with the fact that regardless of your background, you can get to anywhere and achieve anything. It is not the people in your background that are holding you back. It is not the education that you didn’t get that is going it stop you from succeeding. Education is good and it can indeed set you back in some cases. However, I have seen rich illiterates. I have seen illiterates who are successful at what they set their hearts.

This only tells me that people can succeed with or without an education because their mindsets are more important. Some people focus on what they don’t have rather than focusing on what they have. It may not look like you have much right now. That, notwithstanding, will not stop you from getting much done in life.

You are great, powerful, and unstoppable! Now if you don’t believe that then there is a problem with your mindset that needs to be taken care of immediately. In fact, it is the first mindset issue you need to address.

You can’t disagree with the fact that you are great just because nothing around you is working right now. You can’t say you are not great because you haven’t been successful at work or business. Don’t think you’re not powerful because you do not have a lot of money yet or become you are not in a position where you order thousands of people around.

There are many people in big positions who order thousands of people around. They have money and influence but still feel unsafe and insecure. They still do not think they are powerful despite all the position and money. If position and money do not make them feel powerful then you should know that what makes you powerful is nothing external. You are powerful because of what is inside you.

Think about a car for a moment. Have you seen cars that look so good on the outside but aren’t working well? Have you seen cars that have great interiors and no scratch but just wouldn’t work well? While thinking about that, I guess you have also seen cars that look really ugly but are working just fine. The body of the car looks like a car that is gone already but the engine starts immediately and works just fine. Now that tells you not to judge a car by what it looks like but by the state of the engine. And when the engine of a car is working well, every other thing about the car can be fixed. You can respray the body and if the rust is serious, you can have it reworked just to make it look clean again.

Even when the engine of a car is bad, you can replace the engine in order to start enjoying the car. This journey of breaking grounds despite backgrounds is about focusing more on the inner engine or replacing the engine if there is a need for one.

You are powerful because the power is about the capacity of your mind. You are powerful because you will be able to achieve anything you set your mind to achieve. The only thing you can’t achieve is what you haven’t conceived or you choose not to pursue. Once you conceive something and decide to pursue it, you can make it happen. Now, this is the part where people think they need all the money in the world to make something happen.

I agree that you need money but the fact that you can imagine it is the first good part. The other good part is that you can articulate your vision using some of the concepts raised in chapter 4 of this book for the purpose of raising funds from those who have the money that you need. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that all the money needed for the execution of your ideas must always come from you. You may not have the money but you can use other people’s money to make things happen.

Mindsets increase or limit your appetite for risk and if you have a limited appetite for risk, you have already limited your success in life. Be bold but not overconfident that you can achieve much in life. Be daring but not annoying and take on tasks that even seem bigger than you. Don’t believe any myth that limits people from your family or places that you have been associated with. Don’t accept poverty as something you can’t do anything about. You can take a new job that will show you the pathway out of poverty. You can start a new business that can also help you out of poverty.

When you start earning then you can get financial education in order to help yourself out of your financial issues.

The other kind of mindset that you need to deal with is the thought that everything you know right now is finite or fixed. Thinking that you already know everything that needs to be known is a problem that will get in the way when others try to help you. There is no one in life who already knows everything they need to know. There is no one in life who does not need to learn something new. You will never get to that phase where your knowledge is above every other person.

This is because you probably learned some things along with wrong information and there will be a great need for you to unlearn and relearn. You become better by learning, unlearning and relearning. We all have learned certain things in the past only to find out that the information was wrong or that the information wasn’t balance.

Can you imagine knowing someone who is walking around with half-truth and is so arrogant about it? Now that’s terrible and you certainly wouldn’t want to keep engaging that kind of person when you talk because they will say so many wrong things with all the confidence that you can imagine. This is a limiting mindset that will not let you learn the things you need to succeed.

Here are a few things to keep in mind so that you do not keep the mindsets that are working against you. Keep your mind open and keep learning. More importantly, believe you are adequate and you can succeed. Challenge your beliefs about money because if you don’t you will hold unto the financial habits that aren’t allowing you to make more money. Break the mindset that your success is tied to a location because I have just told you that your success depends on what you carry within you and the mindset with which you work at becoming successful.

Look beyond your environment and always ensure you expose your mind to decent environments. Go to places that look like where you want to spend more time. When you remain in a certain environment, you will never outgrow that environment in your mind. The moment you do not outgrow that environment in your mind, nothing can take you out of that background that you have.

If your mind is exposed to a new environment, a mindset realignment begins to happen in your mind. You begin to see new possibilities and what you can make out of your life if only you are willing to take the bold step.

Success begins from the mind and it can also be killed from the mind. That is why mindset is critical to how you turn out in life.

Your mindset will determine the following things:

  • Behaviour
  • Attitude
  • Action
  • Performance
  • Results

Anyone with a fixed mindset is under self-imprisonment. The beautiful part is that you’re the jailer and the prisoner at the same time so you can free yourself by freeing your mindset.

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