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When you take a look at those who have not succeeded at one thing or the other, you will shocked to see that they are people who are actually very good at those things. They know what to do and when to do it. They know how to go about what needs to be done and they can even be referred to as the best in their fields but it is amazing that the same set of people still have issues with discipline.

You should never think that it is your gift alone that can take you where you are going. There are so many people who are not as gifted as you are but they have gone far in life and that’s because the know how to put themselves under the pressure of discipline in order to get to where they are going.

Sometimes people who are really good at something don’t start out with the intention to be undisciplined. What happens is that they have the desire to succeed and they start brushing up their skills. At some point, they become so used to the gifts that they think they can use it any time they want to.

An example is when I started writing. At some point I could easily produce a 1000 word article within thirty minutes. With that knowledge, I got used to the idea that I could write anytime I wanted to because it will not take too much of my time. Later I realized that the issue is not the skill. The problem is no longer what to write about because I know I want to bring out the best in people who are reading. I dawned on me that the most important part was the discipline to write consistently in order to make that impact that I want to make in the lives of people.

When this became clear to me, I started looking out for other people who are writers in the same field and how consistent they are. So I came up with a plan and I have been more productive without taking my skill for granted.

You are likely to get to a level where you will be taking your own skill for granted. You may not realize it immediately until the gap becomes very obvious and too large for even your skills to close up. You definitely have all it takes to succeed within you. There is no doubt about it. However, if you use your skill leisurely  not putting pressure on it and not subjecting yourself to discipline, it may never take you to your desired height.

I suggest you take some time out to look at how you have been working with your skills and how much results you have been getting. Have you been using your skill as much as you should and are you putting yourself under enough pressure? Have you subjected yourself to enough discipline to ensure that your skills produce the right results? Always remember that you can have the right skills and also be doing the right things but may never get your desired result until the required discipline is applied.  

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