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Out of innocence a young man once had a dream and decided to share the dream with his brothers. By the time he was done sharing the dreams they all, his brothers, could personally interpret the dream tell what the possible end holds if the dream would become a reality. A second time, to prove that the young man was innocent, he had another dream and called his brothers to share the dreams again. By this time, the envy of his brothers had become pronounced against him. While I understand that people may envy someone who has started succeeding, I am still trying to figure out why they will also envy someone who has only shared his dreams.

There was no offence committed by this dreamer against his brothers. The account of that story did not show that he was in any way proud towards his brothers. He was never rude to them and he kept a very plain heart. Unknown to him, there were people around who probably took his dreams more seriously than he did. Can you imagine? He shared a dream and has has not shown any sign of getting close to the dream and he was already hated so much that his life was at stake.

Oh, yes they went as far as deciding to kill him just because he had a dream! Fortunately someone spoke up for him and thought the better option was to throw him into a pit. While he was in the pit some slave merchants were passing by and the brothers decided to sell him to the slave merchants. So they sold him because he had a dream! Can you imagine being sold into slavery just for saying you have a dream! The modern day slavery in this context would be to be neglected just because you have a dream. Those who see you struggling and have the capacity to help just pretend as though you don’t exist!

In all of it, everything they did against this dreamer did not push him closer to death. They wanted him dead but he got closer to destiny and the dreams for which he was being envied and sold into slavery still came to pass! If there is anyone around you doing anything to you just because of your dreams, they will end up helping you to fulfil the dreams rather than stopping you from fulfilling the dreams!

Again I wonder why people envy those with dreams that have not even be fulfilled! But let me give you my thoughts on that and they are:

1. Anyone who envies your dream knows the power of dreams and that they can come to pass.

2. People who envy other people’s dreams have no dreams.

3. When people are intimidated by your dream, they can begin to envy you.

4. Those who have failed and also have no hope can envy you when they see your chances of success.

Are there issues you have to deal with today just because you have a dream? Are there people who seem to be opposing you in every way and you really can’t figure out what you did wrong? Check it! Sometimes the oppositions you are facing are because of nothing but your dreams. Believe me, no matter what they seem to do against you, just keep moving, stay focused and they will get you to the dream rather than stopping your dreams!

Reference for this can be found in Genesis 37 (specifically verse 8).

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