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I always like to see very inspiring movies and I spend some time thinking about the message the producer is trying to pass across. Just a few days ago I stumble on another one called Freestyle. Watching those movies challenges me a lot and they say to me ‘you can do it if these people did it. They are human and they did not have it all together but they made the most of all they ever found.’

While trying to succeed in life it is possible you will hit some obstacles that can bring you down. Even when you fall down you can still finish strong. Falling or failing is not the end of the world. What I liked the most about the movie I recently saw was how a young man wanted to make something meaningful out of his life.

He tried really hard to raise money in order to buy a mountain bike so he could be part of a race. When he finally made it into the race, everything was going well until the race was about to finish. He lost the chain of his bike! That happened in the middle of a race when he was close to the finish line!

Most people would give up immediately. They would conclude that is the end of the race and will not try anything again. They will also tell you stories about how they were leading until the chain went off and they did not win the race.

Too many people forget to see that they had a chance to make something out of their lives. So they go about telling you why they are the way they are so you can think it is very acceptable for them to be so.

I don’t know about you but I made up my mind not to make excuses for what I am and where I am today. Things may have turned out differently but the way to make them better is not to say that I am here because of these things that happened in the past.

The young man got up with his bike and instead of giving up started pushing the bike towards the finish line. He finally made it to the finish line ahead of others with a bike that has a worn out chain. What! Everyone saw what happened and it would have been perfectly okay for him to just say it’s over. He had a good excuse to fail but he chose not to.

That’s exactly what I am asking you to do. You will have great reasons to fail but note that no one cares about the great reasons for failure. We all care about how you refused to fail despite the understandable reasons to do so.

Even if you fall or fail, you still have a great chance to say that it was just an event. What you tried to do may have failed or did not turn out well but that does not make you a failure. The failing is an event and not a person. Don’t conclude you have come to the end of your life. Get up and finish what you started. You have all it takes to succeed. The question will, will you be dogged enough to do so?

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  1. Becoming your best will probably be the greatest challenge work to do. Until and unless we insightfully and thoughtfully recognized and invests into our personal immense potentials.. high productivity, attainable heights and success would be an illusion.

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