God will cause you to laugh this week!

Psalm 2: 4 – He who seats in the heavens shall laugh

May God cause you to laugh in this new week. As you go about your normal business He will spring up surprises for you. All those funny issues that have consistently brought you sorrow will pave way for you. Hope will come alive over that child that makes you weep. Hope will come alive over the financial situation that makes you despair. Hope will come alive over the work of your hands.
Where you have been constantly disappointed you will be made to laugh. That family member lying in the hospital will receive healing. That loved one of yours going through pains will no longer feel pains. God will give you unbelievable news this week. You will laugh so much that everyone around you will be caught up in your laughter. That young man or woman that you have been so concerned about because he or she has not turned to God will supernaturally surrender. In places where you have been begging before now people will come and beg you. At the end of it all the world will ask you, “who made this possible?” Your answer will be, “He that sits in heaven and laughs because He rules in the affairs of men!”
Your laughter will be so contagious that people around you will join you and forget their sorrows.
Enjoy your week!

Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM

About the author Fola Daniel Adelesi

Fola Daniel Adelesi is a professional public speaker who also trains other speakers. He's a highly engaging training facilitator and he holds his large audience spell bound when speaking at gatherings. Apart from his several platforms which include banks, insurance companies and religious organizations where he facilitates trainings, he has been a part of some national television shows and he spoke so intelligently. He's an author, business consultant and highly skilled master of ceremony with excellent poise and diction. He was on the Debaters TV reality show season 1, he presented 'You Can' on Radio Continental in 2011 and he did motivational segments on Galaxy TV from Dec 2008 to August 2009. Fola Daniel has authored at least 5 books including ‘Writing Business Proposals,’ ‘The Mentoring father’ and ‘Get up and hit that goal.’ He talked about Social Media on Info.com - An ICT Show on Lagos Television from August 2015 to late 2016. He’s a regular guest on some national tv platforms (including Channels TV and Television Continental) and a delight to their audience. He trained as a communications professional, works as a business consultant and was also trained at Lagos Business School in collaboration with Google as a Digital Business Manager. He is the President and CEO of the Edible Pen Group.


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