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Today, with a better understanding, I can look back and say I am grateful for those things that went bad too. Maybe I would not have been able to say that before now. That may be because of the issues I have had. It may also be because of the clear expectations I also had. Whatever it is, I can now say I am also grateful for the things that went bad too.

In the first place, you and I are complaining about something that didn’t turn out right simply because we are alive to do so. Anyone who is dead will not be able to say something that he or she tried to do did not turn out according to plan. That’s the first reason I can look back and say I am grateful for the things that didn’t turn out right. It didn’t kill me. There are things that turned out right for some people and it still killed them.

At other times we always feel bad when things don’t go well. And when things eventually go well we start feeling good or we start expressing joy. For most of us we don’t see the connection between the things that did not go well and the things that went well.

Many of us don’t realize that some of the things that didn’t turn out the way we planned them still worked out for our own good. We thought that we lost a lot and that what we lost may not be regained. Whereas we were actually gaining while we thought we were losing.

We may also need to consider the issue from the perspective of a child and a father. The child may be asking for something that the father can afford but is refusing to release to him. The child thinks that’s not fair. He feels very bad about it and is really hurt because he was denied something he could easily have. When you check with the father you may see that while the child thinks he will derive pleasure from what he is asking for, it might be something that will kill him. So it means the father did not release it because he did not want to give out something that can kill his child.

You and I can look back today and see that what we were asking for are things that could have killed us if we got them at the time we were asking for them. Some of them may not have killed us but they could have caused some damages that cannot be fixed.

Everything may not have turned out well but I am grateful for even those things that did not turn out right. Some of those things that we did not get are the things that pushed us to the success we have achieved today. Maybe if you got some of those things you wanted, you would have relaxed and not aspire for much in life. Maybe you will not be where you are today because you will not see the need to keep going.

It may be hard to admit but it may be very true that the reason you are where you are today, as a success, is not just because of everything that worked out well. it could also be because of the things that did not turn out right in the first place.

Look back and see how that some of the things that did not work out well in the first place have now become a real blessing to you. Be grateful for them and also note that some of the things not working out well today are actually still working in your favour.

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