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Have you ever noticed that there are some people who, in the name of humility, shy away from responsibility? They say they don’t want to be noticed or seen as someone who is claiming to know too much. You don’t want to be perceived as being too forward or proud and because of that you run away from responsibilities. Please how does that really make you a humble person?

I think that sometimes when you appear to be proud, people will like to work with a proud person that is effective compared to a humble person who cannot take responsibilities. You need to be able to clearly differentiate between being too forward and taking responsibility.

There are those who always want it to be obvious that they are in a position that they never fought for. It was someone who brought it to them or someone else recommended them for that position.

While it looks nice to have been recommended for a position or to be appointed without lobbying for it, there is absolutely nothing wrong with aspiring to an office by virtue of the things you can do for that office when you get in there.

You will find people who can write but they don’t want to use their skills for their organisations just because they think someone will see it as arrogance. So when they have an opportunity to showcase their skills they will never do it. There are those who can also speak but will never speak up for anyone or speak up for their businesses and organisation. They want to be seen as humble so they will stay away.

I do not think that shying away from responsibility in anyway makes you humble. You may have been perceived by a few as being humble because of that but it does make you irresponsible. That is the simple way to put it because you are not taking responsibility in the name of trying to be humble.

What actually makes you humble is to take the responsibility, achieve what you are expected to achieve and not brag about it. What makes you humble is for you not to talk about your own achievements especially if it is not necessary to do so yet you have done so much that you can brag about.

Please be proactive where you are. When you see things are not going the way they should, take up some responsibility. If you need permissions to do what needs to be done then get the permission and get the job done. Asking for responsibility does not make you proud. It makes you relevant so long as you are doing what needs to be done and you are doing it right.

You don’t owe anyone any explanation as to why you did the things you felt were right and those things are adding value to the lives of the people you did them for. I have seen people walking around with their skills and there is nothing they are doing with it. They either don’t want to be seen as proud or they are just not ready to do anything.

Sometimes, you will have to use your skills and go for responsibilities regardless of what anyone thinks. There is so much to you than shying away from responsibilities. Get up and use those skills that have been lying dormant without appearing arrogant and still making life better for others.  

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