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Everybody wants to succeed but those who have found it easier to succeed or have succeeded at one thing or the other are those who have found some ideas to succeed with! As people will say, ‘ideas rule the world.’ Ideas are actually thoughts, plans or dreams so when people say that ideas rule the world they are simply saying that only those who have thoughts or plans or dreams will be able to take the centre stage of the world! I think you can also make it to the centre stage of the world but first you need to have an idea that we can identify with you or an idea that will make the world celebrate you!

What your thoughts at the moment? What plans do you have? What is it that you want to succeed with or what exactly are you dreaming about? You cannot just be walking around every day without any idea in your head about what you want to do or who you will like to become. Before you can even begin to think about success you have to be thinking about something that’s worth while! When you even think very well you will realize that the life you are living at the moment revolves around other people’s ideas! You are able to live as comfortable as you are because of what used to be some people’s ideas! Think about your clothes, shoes, bags, wristwatches, computers, pens, cars, television and radio! They are all products from some people’s ideas so what are your own ideas!

Are you planning to start a business? Would you like to run a training centre based on some kind of knowledge that you have gathered over the years? Do you want to run a consulting firm? What ideas do you have in your head right now? Let me say that it is not only important for you to have ideas and think that you will be able to succeed with that! It is very important to have ideas but you have to take it a step further by giving life to your ideas.

I think that the first thing to do that gives life to your ideas is for you to write it down! Whatever you write stands a chance of being remembered for a long time. Don’t take any idea that crosses your mind for granted by just letting it pass by as a wish. Sometimes some ideas may cross your mind and it could be someone around you that needs the idea. What some other people have done is to write down any idea that crosses their minds and to sell such ideas to other people or even corporate organizations that may need the idea. Even if you are the one that will eventually use the idea, it is very important for you to still document your ideas. When you document your ideas, you make it easy for yourself to process such ideas more than what you initially had as a flash of inspiration.

You will also have to go a step beyond just documenting ideas if you will succeed with ideas. It is one thing to take notes of ideas and it is another thing to have the ideas well written out such that anyone seeing the idea will be able to buy into the idea. When you also conceive ideas you may want to start consulting people on the ideas in order to see how feasible the idea is. Let me warn you about the fact that you are most likely going to meet with some very pessimistic people who do not say anything positive or see anything positive in other people’s ideas. If you know of such people you may want to avoid them because your ideas will never see another living daylight if those are the people you keep talking to. You may want to talk to those who can do some constructive criticisms because those kinds of people will be able to dissociate themselves from the fantasies of your idea and let you see possible loopholes in the ideas you are presenting to them. Their job will be to help you improve on your ideas and make sure you are not leaving out any lose end.

When you also get ideas I suggest you consult legal advisers to know if your idea requires some patenting or all you will just need is some copyright protection under the laws of your state or country. It is important for you to take these steps so that you don’t get into some legal battle with some people later in the future or you have someone stealing your idea and getting away with it.

There are people whose fortunes have greatly increased just because of one idea and it can happen to you as well! What you need to remember is that those whose fortunes have increased because of ideas are those who have nurtured the ideas that crossed their minds! You can also rewrite the story of your life with one or more ideas but you have to start taking your ideas seriously and follow them through until you have something tangible from the idea!

Keep thinking, keep dreaming, keep succeeding!

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