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There are so many things that look good on the outside and we desire them but there’s hardly any of those things that don’t require some form of pain. When you see a finished product on the shelf, it looks beautiful but you also need to see what that beautiful product has been through to qualify for a place on the shelf.
With human beings, many of us want a place on the shelf but we don’t like the pain that will propel us to the shelf. There are people who want to be wealthy but do not want hard work. There are people who want to rise to the highest ranks in their career but they’re not interested in the pain of working up the ladder. There are visionaries all over the world but only a few are burning the midnight candle to get the much needed results.
To be called a graduate, a student would have endured the pain of studying hard. To be called a professor, the academic would have researched and written several papers. Many of these do not come easily. To be called an inventor the person would have made tons of mistakes and encountered many ‘I-want-to-give-up’ moments. There is no athlete who is not subjected to rigorous exercise, discipline with food, sleeping habits and many more. That’s because the pain is needed to produce the fitness required for triumphs. The progress can’t happen without the pain.
Progress is beautiful but it will be propelled by pains in various forms. When you see some people earning good salaries today or making good money from businesses, remember they’ve been through some pains before getting to their current destination. There are too many people who can’t share their ‘behind-the-scene’ stories with you but you need to hear their stories before you admire their progress.
You’ll have to identify the worthy pain that you need to go through. In some cases, the pain may not be obvious when setting out. You would have chosen a desired path for progress before realizing the associated pains. In some other cases, the pain is just not identifiable. Whatever the case is, just prepare your mind for the pains that you have to endure. If you can endure the pain, you will get the results that others are getting. If you’re able to endure more pains, you probably get more results.
You finally know that as a baby grows in the womb of a woman, the pain increases and it reaches the peak at the point of delivery. When the baby finally arrives, the joy is usually unquantifiable. Every worthwhile progress requires a commensurate level of pain. When you submit to or go through the required level of pain, the progress is released.
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