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When I began to think about this topic a few names came to my mind because they simply have a signature of excellence. Whatever they do stands out and anything they touch can be distinguished from what other people have been doing. I also thought about one of my articles on which was titled ‘External validation.’ I dare say that a man’s signature of excellence is the best form of external validation that he can get for whatever he does.

The first person on my mind is an artist by training and an advertising practitioner by profession. You dare not bring anything of low class or quality to him and expect him to approve of it. He has such a high taste for anything good and will do his best to make sure that what he handles can be referred to as the best. He has led a number of organsations and there is one similar thing all the people working with him have to say. They will say, ‘he will always go for the best.’ Recently at a gathering where some of the people who had known him for long gathered, a man said I am not surprised that this is happening under the leadership of this advertising practitioner. In fact, if nothing knew was happening I would have asked him what was wrong.

As an undergraduate at the Olabisi Onabanjo University I remember that many of the active students had only one person they went to for their graphic works. This young man had distinguished himself so much so that you don’t have to ask who did the job when you see the jobs that he had done. You would only confirm that he did it. He was exceptionally good. He also did not have to write his name on his works. You just would know that he did those things. Later I realized there were some other people who could do the work but I was so used to the excellence of this man that I did not mind waiting for him when he did not have the time or was not available.

I should say that I have seen a number of people with this signature of excellence that I am talking about. Let me just mention one more and focus on the need for you as a person to also have your signature of excellence. There is a motivational speaker I know who consistently delivers fresh content to his audience. One person approached him one day and said, ‘you still have not changed.’ He was not too sure what the person meant and did not know how to react. He waited until the person explained himself. The person said he was not surprised that he would always come up with something new for his audience though he has heard him speak severally.

Apart from this motivational speaker, President Barack Obama also comes to mind. A few may have thought that he won on the basis of sentiments but when you listen to his speeches, you can only think about the fact that this man has a signature of excellence. You can trust him to sway the people on the most difficult subjects for public officers to discuss. He also does it in such a sincere manner that you end up loving him the more.

Think about this for a while and ask yourself if you have any signature of excellence. When I think of clothing, business services, social media, technological devices, management consulting, automobile manufacturers, media houses, politicians and lawyers, there are people whose names will come to my mind.

Rather than seeking validation from other people, you may also want to try out how a signature of excellence works like magic. What you do stands out of from the pack and it just can’t be brushed aside. When your works create attention for themselves then you will be on ‘automated publicity.’ You will not have to shout but it will soon be difficult for you to hide because your works will find you out.

If you have been doing your work in a funny way, stop that today. Start out with a signature of excellence and let it spread the news about you.      

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