Successful organizations 2 | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

Successful organizations 2 | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

There is no successful organization that can run without clearly set policies upon which it operates. When you walk into an organization and you ask any insider about the policies of the organization but the person seems not to know anything then you can tell that the organization will soon be struggling and finally go out of business.

The Coca-Cola company today is one of the biggest business stories in the world and one of the reasons it is so is because of a well-known policy in that organization about disclosing the ingredients of the product. Till today, most competitors have not been able to figure out what exactly the company is using to be able to stand out among other products but you will realize that it would not have been so if the employee of the company had not been so restrained. They are also restrained because theres an in-house policy that does not allow you talk about the process of production for the product.

I know very well about organizations that will tell you never to disclose any business information to any other person no matter how close the person is to you once the person is not a member of staff in the company. When a business runs and people are free to talk about anything at any time in any way then some of the people working in the organization may, ignorantly, be giving precious information to the competitors which will now be used to compete against them.

Policy is about a course of action and it needs to be written and emphasized at all times in any organization if the organization will always succeed with or without the founder. With a policy, anyone who was not a foundation member in an organization can get into the organization and still run it effectively because of what has been clearly stated.

Different organizations have different policies but some of the policies that successful organizations have include:

1.Giving policy in form of Corporate Social Responsibility

With this policy they sometimes specify the per

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