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One of the signs of insecurity in the work place is the refusal of some people to build their subordinates and let them grow up unto that point where they just might be able to aspire for something greater than what they have. You must let other people under you grow because that is the only way you can grow. If you do not let them grow you will stay down with them and you will always have to think about how to keep them down!

I can’t really imagine why some people in the work place think that one of the best ways to play their politics is to permanently keep people down either directly or indirectly. There is no superior that makes headway when the subordinates are not make a headway! I am not just saying that you need to allow people grow but I am saying you need to help them grow.

You have to let go off the petty office politics you engage in which about making sure the people who work with you don’t get very challenging opportunities that can showcase their talents. I have seen and also heard the stories of people who built the younger people working with them and they became more celebrated. You should never think that the people you build with outshine you and because of that you do not want to build them anymore or give them a chance to succeed. When some people succeed through you and want to outshine you, they will personally plot their self destruction and you don’t have to worry about that.

If you are a young employee and you seem to be in a situation where your boss does not want you to develop you have to do something fast. If you have the opportunity to move to another department within the organization you might want to try that because it is no good to you or your career when you work in a place where you are not being developed or allowed to grow through the tasks given to you.

When you do all the best possible and you are not being allowed to grow, I think that one of your best options might be to leave the organization for another. The reason I think you should leave for another is that there are organizations who employ you will some low qualifications and refuse you the opportunity to study further or even grow on the job. When it is time for promotion the same company will refuse to promote you because they will say that you don’t have the qualification.

Surviving the corporate politics requires some skills and one of them is to always remember that you need to build other people and as a person you have to keep growing and growing until there is no where to grow to again. Your personal growth will always count for your survival!

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