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Husbands, likewise, dwell with them with understanding, giving honor to the wife, as to the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of the grace of life, that your prayers may not be hindered – 1 Peter 3:7

This verse clearly shows that your relationship with your spouse can determine if your prayer is answered or not. It tells us, men in particular, what to do and how to treat our spouses so that there will be nothing standing in the way of our requests to God.

The first question on my mind is why will God attach the answers to my prayers or your prayers to the relationship that you have with your spouse and even with others? Why can’t I just relate with God and have nothing too serious with those other people? Should I not be able to relate with God if my spouse is giving me issues?

I think it is the proof that God takes note of what we are doing and how we claim to love others even though we don’t really love them. The more important thing is that when you are married to someone, God says you are no longer two but one! Can you possibly be fighting yourself? That will be a hard one.

When God says you need to do something for your spouse He is asking you to do it for yourself. You are not doing God a favour and you are not even doing yourself a favour. When you take a look at the last few words of that line, it did not say it is the prayer of your spouse that will be hindered. It says, ‘that your prayer’ – so you are the one who loses the more.

For refusing to treat your spouse right, even before you do it, God has already told you that your prayers will be hindered. So as a couple you know that one of the best ways to have your prayers answered is to treat each other right.

Now I know that women will like to read and share this kind of post but the verse starts by saying ‘Husbands, likewise…’ – Something came up before this verse and you need to read it. It was talking about how women in the days Sarah used to treat their husbands. They were submissive and called their husbands Lords.

The focus right now is to make sure your prayers are not hindered so I will keep it at that for now. When you notice, either as a man or woman, that you have been asking for something and it is not forthcoming, one of the things you need to check is your relationship with your spouse.

Have you been loving ‘only in words’ or ‘truly in actions’? There are some universal laws of life that you cannot break and you need to know that whatever God says is not a theory. Once God says something, it becomes a universal principle applicable regardless of location, time and the personality involved.

Why don’t you start treating your spouse right just so that your prayers are not hindered? Remember, if you choose to fight or deal with your spouse, God too will deal with you and leave all your prayers unanswered! Which one do you want? Will you cooperate with your spouse and get God’s blessing or refuse to cooperate and be dealt with by God? Think on these things

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