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For a while I’d wanted to write about this and I just kept the topic on my list of articles to write until I heard about the death of Chaz B (Charles Bruce Chukwuma), a lagos based popular radio present of ‘Sharing life issues.’ It was shocking but then I realized that the night cometh and it will indeed come for all of us. It does not matter if we want to talk about death or not.

I was thinking of this in line with those who have gifts, passions, skills and potentials to offer but are not doing much about them. They kept saying they will start something. They told themselves very often that they will go to that school to get that additional degree. They probably don’t remember how often they’ve promised that they will no longer procrastinate.

We just seem to think that we have all the time in the world and we can do things when we like. Many of us tend to easily forget the popular parable of the talents. For years we focused on how many talents the first, second and third man got. We also talk more about how much they were able to produce with what they got but we don’t lay emphasis on the fact that they had a time frame to get what they could get. The master who gave them the talent did not mention when he was going to return. He just gave them the talent and made them realize he was going to come back to see how much they’ve done with it.

You have to come to terms with the fact that the night cometh, as Jesus said, when no man can work. He simply told us there that we really don’t have all the time in the world to do the things that we must do. It does not also mean that we will not have enough time. I think we will get the time to do what is needful if we are careful enough to plan and maximise the time that we have.

There are too many people who are taking their time to do something they don’t really have much time for. How do you ever go around in life thinking that you will always get things done? When I heard of the death of Chaz B the first thing I did was to go online to confirm. Many Nigerians, especially Lagosians will remember him for his show (Sharing life issues) which used to be on Inspiration FM 92.3 but was later moved to Rhythm 93.7. You can tell he had a Charisma even on Radio. There was a way he handled the show and he touched the lives of very many people. One of the first things I also remember when I saw the news of his death was my first and unfortunately it was also the last conversation I had with him on phone. I think he was one of those who realized he may not have all the time in the world and has made the most of the time that he got.

Many of us will be waiting for a perfect time to do some of the things we ought to do. Others may not be waiting for a perfect time but they keep delaying what needs to be done until they realize that all they needed to have done has been left for the night time. That’s when they realize that they can no longer do much. Night time for many people does not even mean they will die. It’s just a phase when you are hit by the truth that you’ve lost the opportunities to start things or to finish what you have started. This is a time to reflect on all that has already been done.

As you go about your business today, I want you to throw in yourself. Act like there is no tomorrow even though you have the faith for a tomorrow. Just do what needs to be done as though you know today is your last day. If you get another day to live or to do things then take it as a rare privilege. Always remember that the night cometh when no man can work so work as if the night is already close.

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