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For a while now I have been talking about people focusing on the situation they are in rather than focusing on what to make out of the situation. Most of us lose precious opportunities, in times when we could gain grounds, because we simply look around for who to blame or who can sympathize with us.

Please remember that people can come and sympathize with you because of your situation. After a while they will leave you to fix yourself or fix the situation. If you fix the situation they will be happy for you and come back to rejoice with you. If you don’t fix the situation and you keep talking about it, they will see you as someone looking for a pity party and will soon be tired of you.

Nobody wants to hang around those who will become a burden to them. They have their own situations as well and are trying hard to fix it. When you go in for an examination, no one cares what happened to you before the examination or why you are not feeling better. Things may have been terrible and you may even have understandable reasons to not go in for the examinations.

When people hear what you have gone through they will have pity on you. But when the examiner sees your paper he will only mark according to what you have written. Even if there is someone there to tell him your story, he or she will only say ‘what a pity. She even tried and should be commended for making efforts to write the exam.’ That does not mean he or she will add to your scores.

If no excuse is tenable for the examiner to add to your scores then you need to know that what you have gone through in life is not an excuse to not produce results. What you have to do is to get results out of the situation. The result is key and no one celebrates you until you have results.

Despite the situation you have gone through or are going through, you can still have results. A change of attitude is the first thing you need to have if you will eventually get results. This change of attitude will help you see opportunities even in the situation and what you have to do to get results from the situation.

A change of attitude will ensure that you look beyond what got you into the situation and begin to look at what is in it for you. There is a reason you got into the situation and that reason must be understood. When you go in for an examination the intention of the examiner is to test your knowledge. When your knowledge is tested and the examiner is satisfied, you will be entitled to a promotion.

That means there will be examinations of life that you must pass. When you pass those examinations of life you become entitled for the promotions of life. Don’t just be in a hurry to get out of those situations you are in. they may not be pleasant but they are examinations of life that you must pass.

Are you just going through those situations or doing the right thing, answering life’s questions and passing the examinations of life?

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