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Then said Mary unto the angel, How shall this be, seeing I know not a man? – Luke 1:34

Rules or principles are usually universal before they can be called rules or principles. That simply means for an occurence or any other thing to be referred to as a rule or principle, it must operate or give exactly the same result in whatever part of the world when a demand is placed on it.

For example, the law of gravity is a universal principle because if you jump up anywhere in the world, you are coming down. If you jump from a three storey building, the law of gravity will not recognize you as a rich, young and posh person. You are simply coming down and when you land, the result or consequence of that principle is already known.

Principles have no respect for people, places or circumstaces. However, I have seen that principles have respect for Grace and Grace can change the results or consequences of rules and principles. When the grace of God is upon your life, the principles and rules of life that have been set can be broken.

There is a manifestation of grace – or a type of grace – that breaks the rule for you. There can be a set or standard rule but because you need a miracle or some other things, grace can break the rule for you.
We all know it is impossible for a virgin to conceive and give birth. That medical rule was broken for virgin Mary. She also wondered when she got the news of what was to come in Luke 1:34 ‘Then said Mary unto the angel, How shall this be, seeing I know not a man?’ Mary knew you needed to know a man before you can conceive so what the angel was saying was, humanly speaking, impossible. However, grace made it possible for Mary.

You and I also know that once you’ve gone past menopause you have to forget about child bearing but grace has changed this rule for some people. We’ve heard testimonies of people who started menstrating again and got pregnant because God intervened. If there is any area of your life now that needs the rule breaking grace, I pray God will release it upon you now in the name of Jesus. Grace will break rules for you in the least expected places in Jesus name.

The rule breaking grace also worked for Esther. Read the entire book of Esther and you see grace taking an orphan into a strange land and making a queen out of her, though raised by an uncle of low estate. When she got into the palace, she also had the need to help preserve her people. For that need to be met, she had to go into the king’s chamber ‘uninvited’ and that meant death. You dare not go into the chamber of the king uninvited. In this case, Esther fasted and prayed. She also asked her uncle and compatriots to pray along with her. Then she neglected the possible consequences and went in uninvited but grace broke the rule for her. She didn’t die and she still got what the wanted. Don’t forget she became a queen in a strange land and also broke the rule of the land without consequences.

The rule breaking grace will break every rule that needs to be broken for you in Jesus name. Every rule in your office that needs to be broken for you to be promoted or not lose your job will be broken in Jesus name. Every rule that needs to be set aside for you to gain new businesses and not lose the existing ones will be set aside in Jesus name. Rules that need to change for you to get that desired job will change in Jesus name. From today, enjoy the rule breaking grace for an outstanding and unbelievable results in Jesus name.

About the author Fola Daniel Adelesi

Fola Daniel Adelesi is a professional public speaker who also trains other speakers. He's a highly engaging training facilitator and he holds his large audience spell bound when speaking at gatherings. Apart from his several platforms which include banks, insurance companies and religious organizations where he facilitates trainings, he has been a part of some national television shows and he spoke so intelligently. He's an author, business consultant and highly skilled master of ceremony with excellent poise and diction. He was on the Debaters TV reality show season 1, he presented 'You Can' on Radio Continental in 2011 and he did motivational segments on Galaxy TV from Dec 2008 to August 2009. Fola Daniel has authored at least 5 books including ‘Writing Business Proposals,’ ‘The Mentoring father’ and ‘Get up and hit that goal.’ He talked about Social Media on - An ICT Show on Lagos Television from August 2015 to late 2016. He’s a regular guest on some national tv platforms (including Channels TV and Television Continental) and a delight to their audience. He trained as a communications professional, works as a business consultant and was also trained at Lagos Business School in collaboration with Google as a Digital Business Manager. He is the President and CEO of the Edible Pen Group.

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