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Picking up old ideas can be one great way to launch into a year. It doesn’t always have to be at the beginning of the year just in case you are reading this sometimes in the middle of the year or towards the end of the year. Some years back, I had a beautiful idea for a project and I went to discuss it with someone. It didn’t work that year so I picked it up at the beginning of another year.
The great part about the old idea was the fact that I came up with new ways to execute the same thing that seemed unrealistic before. When I first shared the idea with someone, the person saw light in the idea but didn’t think I would be able to execute it. The following year when I picked up the same idea and shared with a more critical person, this person liked it and said that the idea was water tight.
I have gone on to execute that idea and now I have a template to run with so that I can adapt it to work for other people. If I left it the way it was when I first spoke to someone about it, not much would have come out of it. Ideas are usually like that. When you first get the idea, it may not make much sense. It may look unrealistic and it may look like something that’s impossible. That makes you look like a dreamer – in this context it would mean someone who conceives ideas that can never happen.
It’s possible that the idea came earlier than it’s time and the reason it didn’t work is because you tried to execute it at the wrong time. I have seen people who tried to get something done at a time and it didn’t work. They picked up the same project at another time without any change and it worked effortlessly. 
The things you can do with an old idea include:
1. Check the timing – The timing was probably not right and now may be a good time for the idea. Even if the full time hasn’t come, it may be time to start preparing for execution.
2. Revise the idea – You may need to change some things in the idea for it to be more presentable. Sometimes you will have to add some things or take things away. You need to be flexible and decide on what really works and not just what you want.
3. Rename – A name can play an important role in the execution of an idea. It is possible people are rejecting the idea because of the name. When you represent the idea, you may not have changed any other thing but the idea becomes so presentable just under a new name. Don’t take names for granted when working on an idea.
4. Regroup a team – You should regroup a team to get things done. If you didn’t have a team before, work with a team now. If you had a team before, you may need another team. If you think the old team was good enough, bring them back and give them enough inspiration to believe in the idea again. With a team working on the idea with you, there might be enough fire to get things done.
5. Seek collaborators – I have always emphasized the importance of having collaborators. You will need collaborators to execute an idea regardless of how old or new the idea is. Collaborators are different from your team members and in some cases may be your team members. These collaborators are people who might just give a referral. They may be partners or some people who just know who to talk to and when to talk or how to say it for things to happen.
6. Inject funds – Money is the wings with which ideas fly. If you claim to believe in some ideas, you have to inject funds, no matter how little. Start with whatever you have and get the ideas moving. When you are able to get more funds, inject into the idea and make it work.
Don’t just abandon your old ideas because they may be all that you need now for you to bounce back and break even. There is something for you in those old ideas. Revisit them, revise them and revive them.

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