10 things a dreamer must have | Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc

10 things a dreamer must have | Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc
For everything you want there is a price to pay. For every dream you have there is a price to pay. There are times when isolation is the price to pay and there are times when denying yourself of pleasure is the price to pay. Paying a lot to meet some people can also be the price to pay in some cases.
In my last series I talked about dreamers without substance and did say it is important for the dreamer to have a substance and to give substance to the dream as well. Here are some other things a dreamer must have and are really prices to pay in order to give substance to the dream. When you constantly remember and work with them, you will give your dreams some life that will enable the dreams to outlive you. Take a look at these:
If you dont have skill how do you want to achieve your dreams? There must be a specific skill that will help you to achieve the dream you want to pursue. It could be a skill you already have in you and you need to develop it and it may be a skill you need to acquire. In any situation, you definitely need a skill to be able to achieve your dreams.
Wisdom is what will guide you in the achievement of the dream and you need to constantly get wisdom for the things that you are doing. Wisdom in this case will be knowing when to do or not to do something. It will in some cases be about knowing who to deal with and who you should never deal with. When wisdom tells you not to deal with some people, you may think about why you should not but after a while you will realize that some of those people are dream killers.
Every dream to an extent will thrive on the knowledge of the dream carrier. You need some basic knowledge to be able to make your dream a reality. People are destroyed because of lack of knowledge and people are making a mess of everything in their hands because there is no knowledge. You will sometimes find some people struggling and they should not be struggling if only they have gone in search of knowledge. Knowledge will reduce the time you spend trying to achieve something and it will increase how much time you have left to do more. It also makes your job easier!
You may have knowledge but you still cannot run without an understanding. You may know a lot but not understand where to have some things applied or how some things work. In some cases, understanding comes with years of experience and in some other cases, it comes with relating with those who have years of experience. Even the Bible says, in all thy getting, get understanding.
You will always need capacity because of some things that are coming your way. When you are trying to pour water into a container and the container you are pouring from is bigger than the one you are pouring into, you will say that the one you are pouring into has a small capacity. You will need capacity to handle opposition if you are a dreamer. You will need capacity for the challenges ahead of you. Some situations will be discouraging and it is your capacity that will determine how you scale through them. It is also the capacity you have built that will determine if you will outlive the dream or the dream will outlive you.
To make your journey easier and faster in life you really need a mentor. When I was talking about understanding I said that it sometimes comes with years of experience. That is one of the reasons you need a mentor. You really do not have all the time to experience things for yourself and you will really get broken trying to experience everything. When you get a mentor, you can ride on the experience and understanding of your mentor to make things easier for yourself. A mentor by virtue of experience knows what you dont know and has been to places you have not been to so it is important to make you process faster by relating with a mentor. A mentor can help refine your ability and also show you better ways to do things.
A lot of people do not like criticism but a bit of it is always good for the dreams that we have. You will need it in order to reassess some of the things you are planning to do. When you do not have anyone opposing what you are doing or bringing out the loop holes, you may take some important things with levity until they are too late to change. Criticism can help you see what needs to be improved upon. As soon as you see it, just make the necessary adjustment and go on with your life. No matter how laudable your project is, never assume it will not be resisted or opposed at any time.
Friends should be around to give you some emotional support for the dream. There are times you could be discouraged because of the criticism you are getting or it may look like some things are not working. If you will ever get to a great destination in life, there are some friends that you must have in order to get to where you are going. The encouragement of a friend can always come in handy in difficult times and the friend can also help you to understand some vital things you need for your dream. Remember that a good friend will also talk about you and in the positive light so friend can help spread your dreams or visions.
Always learn the fact that you cannot do things alone. When you can achieve all your dreams alone then it should simply not be called a dream. You could just call it a daily task. To an extent a dream may look farfetched and you will always need the support of others. You will need partners because you can never have all the skills required to achieve your goals in life. There are other people who will have the skills you need in your dreams and you must look for them to partner with them. You should also know that you cannot just bring any partner into your dream. You have to be careful about who comes in as a partner because some may come in and hijack the whole thing you are doing. If its a business idea you may have to engage a lawyer and have documents signed before you bring in a partner.
You will get to a level where you begin to have results and at that point, some people would have been looking up to you. You must be able to replicate yourself and your success in others either by being a role model for them or by having a personal mentoring relationship with them to help them increase their capacity, get more wisdom, knowledge and understanding. You must have people you can point to and say, because of what you have gone through and have shared as knowledge, this person is succeeding. It has been said repeatedly that there is no success without succession and the succession in some cases would be about having several other people who can do what you do and do it better.
This is a process and if followed by every dreamer, it will go a long way in making some dreams a reality. You cannot afford to say you have dreams and you are not working with these processes. For your dreams to come to pass, you must have at least all these ten things.
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