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When you mention the preparation for future, some people suddenly go blank. They have no idea what you’re talking about and they don’t even know what to do. It is important to note that preparation for the future is not going to be by accident. The beautiful future you desire will not just come on you when you wake up some day in the future.
You have to live intentionally in order to get yourself ready for your desired future. There are several ways to live intentionally but I have identified 10 of them and I believe these will help you prepare for your future. The 10Ps are:

  1. Purpose – Without purpose you can’t talk about any future. Purpose is the reason you were created and born in the first place. So if you are going to make the most of your life, it is important to know your purpose and begin to walk in that purpose. Please ask yourself why you were born and why you had to be born at this time. There are a number of things that can help you identify your purpose and they are your current gifts or exceptional abilities. The things you do so well that everyone around recognizes you for should just be fun. There is a reason you’re the best at that thing and can do it effortlessly. Purpose tells you why you were born. Purpose tells you how to live so you must discover your purpose.


  1. Prophecy – In the book of Luke 4:16 – 21, Jesus read and confirmed the fulfillment of a prophecy that was foretold about him. You need prophecy in order not to be confused in life. You may have so many things in place and all that you have in place are the wrong things. Even the bible says there is a way that seems right unto man but the end thereof is destruction. Prophecy guides you into the future that you are to prepare for. Please note that prophecy will only foretell the future but that future will not happen by itself. You have to take daily consistent steps to make it happen. Prophecy tells you what will happen ahead. With prophecy, you can avert disasters. I also think that with prophecy, you’re better prepared or equipped for life.


  1. People – I often laugh when I hear or see people who talk about being self-made. There is no such thing as being self-made except for arrogant fools. We all need people in life. You can’t live by yourself and can’t get anywhere by yourself. If you think you work hard, you will still need people to open some doors for you in order for the hard work to yield results. You need some forerunners to prepare the grounds for you. You need some encouragers to keep you going. You need some mentors to show you the way. You need some people to give you insights in life. Without people, there is no much that you can do. People will help the fulfillment of your purpose and prophecy. You need people to be your way makers. You need people to endorse you. If there are no people, you will be stranded and you need people who can do almost ANYTHING for you.


  1. Platforms – After finding the right people, one of the things they will eventually do for you is to give you platforms. When you meet people who are going to help you, you can’t and should never demand platforms from them. On their own, they will either create or share their platforms with you and when you get platforms, those platforms will prepare you for your future. Joseph got the platform to interpret a dream and that gave him may more platforms. You should also not take for granted any platform you’re given. The platforms may not look big but you never can tell what will come out of that platform either now or later in the future. Platforms will give room for expression of your destiny. If nobody gives you a platform, people will not know what you have within you. A platform projects your potentials so you should take those platforms seriously.


  1. Position – If you are in the wrong position you may be stranded forever in life. You need to be in the right position for things to happen for you. Some people believe that God can bless you and get you into your desired future where you are and I believe that too. However, I have seen people in the Bible who needed to change their positions in order to be blessed of God. A few others didn’t need to do so. It’s important to ensure you’re in the right position. A gentleman in the book of Luke 19:1-6 needed to see Jesus but knew he was short. He simply had to take a new position to enhance his visibility. Position determines your visibility. If you are in the wrong position, you may be stranded for life. You will have all the right skills but will be showcasing them to the wrong people. When you change your position for good visibility, visibility then determines your results. Prison was the position where Joseph was given a platform. When he utilized that platform well, his position changed from prison to palace.


  1. Passion – If you don’t have passion or display it in life, you may not be able to convince anyone or get anything done. When you need people to help you, they need to see your passion. Passion keeps you going. Passion convinces the people you come across. Passion convinces the people you need and with passion, it’s hard to give up on your dreams despite the unpleasant circumstances you may encounter.


  1. Profession – Get started in life with a profession. You either get a job around your passion or build a business around your passion. You can’t walk around doing nothing and still hope for a great future. It is very important that you have a profession because a profession gives you credibility. Profession gives room for the blessings of God because he promises to bless the works of your hands and not the dreams or desires of your hearts only.


  1. Profit – You shouldn’t just get a profession, there has to be profit in that profession. The profit can be cash or the fulfilment that you derive from it. Whichever one it is, there has to be profit in it. More importantly, there should be monetary profit because you need profit to make your vision a reality in certain ways. You need profit to start, build and sustain your vision. There are too many people who can’t get their vision off the ground because there is no profit from anywhere else.


  1. Plans – You always have to plan. You can’t just hope for a future that will come upon you without you planning for it. There has to be definite plans you’re making for where you want to be and what or who you want to become in the future. What are your goals? What are your short term, mid-term and long term plans? It is the small consistent plans that you make today that will get you into the future that you’re in. If you don’t like where you are today, check the plans that you made yesterday.


  1. Prayer – I believe in prayer and I think you need to pray before you start all the things you want to do in life. After praying, get to work and as you work, use your head and still pray. When you’re done working, pray and go back to using your head! Did you get that? I’m simply saying praying and working should go hand in hand all the time. You don’t control your life to a great extent but when you plan, meet the right people, work smart and pray, you should get a better result or at least, the desired future.

I hope these 10Ps will really help you in preparing for the bright future that’s ahead of you if you want to start the preparation now. It is possible that you’ve started the preparation and I believe this will still help. Get ready for that future now and do all you can to be in your pictured future.

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