14 Areas of Goal Setting | Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, WCC

I talk to a lot of people who seem to know so much about goal setting but when I begin to ask them questions about their goals I realize that as much as they want to set goals, they only end up with ambitions and wishes instead of goals. Goals are different from ambitions and wishes because they are
1. Time Bound
2. Specific
3. In different areas
4. Set to determine your next level in life
5. Written
6. Reviewable
7. Not fixed
8. Action oriented.
If you call what you have a goal and all of these are not there then you have not set a goal. I want you to have this simple guide which will help you to be more specific with your goals and have them written down so that you can measure the progress you have made from time to time. Here are the 14 areas, goals are not limited to these areas, where you can set goals:
1. Spiritual
2. Financial
3. Academic
4. Social Status
5. Marital
6. Family
7. Political
8. Business
9. Career
10. Ministry
11. Real Estate
12. Fitness/ Health
13. Skill Acquisition
14. Networking goals.
if you can set a goal for yourself under each category I believe you will have an impressive progress at the end of whatever time you set for each one. You need to ask yourself question about what you want to do under each one and where you would be in another one year for short term goals or in another 5 to 10 years for long term goals! Get to work now, set your goals, place a time limit on them, plan your daily schedule for the achievement of these goals and be committed to hitting your new targets.
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