According to His word – 23 | Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, WCC A recurrent trend in the world today is a scenario where the desires of men push them into desperation and they paint a picture of their needs as emergencies at every given opportunity. A man desires to get married and he allows that desire to push him into desperation not because anything would have gone wrong if he did not marry at that time but because other men are getting married. We have seen situations where people desire to buy things they cannot afford and after some time when they see such things in the hands of other people the initial desire they have had for that thing grows into desperation. It even becomes worse when we really seem to need something and there are people out there who don’t seem to have attained our social status by whatever parameters we have put in place yet they have what we need! Some other people can’t understand why they don’t have a car yet and someone who is far younger has a car! Some others don’t know and really want to know why they would be the chief bride’s maid of several ladies and they don’t have a date in sight about their wedding For some other people, they need children and they think they don’t deserve to go through what they are going through having been married for so many years without being promiscuous before marriage. Just at the time they are thinking about that they begin to see people who seem to have gotten married just yesterday already walking around with babies in their hands. I can imagine the pain of a young man walking on the street and trying really hard to make a meaning out of life while his colleagues are on their way to the college. He does not seem to have done anything wrong to have been born to parents who are not there to provide for his needs or who just cannot afford to give him an education in life. Over and over again we all get into situations where we are asking, ‘why does this person have this and I don’t have it?’ as if God was being partial for allowing those people to have what they have! We seem to want to ask God, ‘how can you let that person have that as if we are the ones who are more qualified for what God gave to someone else. We all have what we need and the part we cannot cope with most times is that we see these things around us but it just seems to be eluding us. According to the word of God, ‘Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning (KJV). Another version actually says, ‘Every good endowment (RSV). With this in mind you should know that it is not your agitation that brings down the gift that you desire and I like the fact that the Bible clarifies where good and perfect gifts come from. That means you can even go ahead to get yourself gifts that you desire by any means but they come with flaws. The only one who can give you a flawless gift is God because he created you, knows what you need and what you will need as the author and finisher of your faith! Wait for God’s flawless gift!

A recurrent trend in the world today is a scenario where the desires of men push them into desperation and … More