23rd May 2008

I woke up this morning with a tingling sensation of joy because it is 23rd of May and it is my 23rd birthday.
Things on so many occasions have not gone the way I planned but I still have every reason to say thank you to God for being there for me. I remember when I was in primary school and I was really looking forward to one of my birthdays then. It was, as you already know, a day for most kids to look up to because it was the only day when everyone else wore the school uniform and you were permitted to were your choicest clothes. You were like the king or the queen of the day and everyone really would want to be your friend.
What interested me about this particular birthday was the fact that I woke up around 2am in my house and I went to the bathroom to take a warm shower. Taking a warm shower at that time was not really a strange thing but every other thing I did was strange. I was a primary school pupil who had never touched a pot needless to talk about cooking. After my shower around 1am I went to the kitchen to warm the beans my mum had prepared the previous night because she didn’t want me to go late to school. I ate and got dressed for school. Now that too was strange because at that time my mum still decided which of my sparkling clean uniforms I was to wear. I decided all that I had never decided and then thought of what to do.
My next prompting – I say prompting because it looked as if there was an instructor I did not see – was to go out to pump water for the house. I did not hesitate. I took the key to the main door and headed straight towards it. Turned the padlock open and that was it. Instantly doors were clinging behind me and one could hear my dad’s footsteps pacing faster than I had ever seen him in my life. “What are you doing? Where are you going to? What time is it? 2am? All the questions came like rapid rushing river for a weakling that doesn’t even swim. The picture painted was that I was probably responding to “invisible remote control” the way one of my teachers in Mayflower School would call it. I think God specifically anointed that padlock to make some noise and loud enough to go through the doors and wake sleeping parents.
Since then the key to the house had to go into custody every night so that whatever prompting you received, you would have to be prompted to explain why you should get the key. That same morning when we were driving to school, the driver of the bus got on the express lane having forgotten that he was supposed to drop us on the service lane to allow us cross to the other side of the road. Upon a reminder, the driver swerved over the lane divider to the service lane but that would have cost us our lives as much as he wanted to help. For the next two three minutes other vehicles were grounded because they had to give our bus that was now riding on two wheels the time to balance or experience the worst. All through this, as a primary school pupil, I cannot explain where I got my calm from because I cannot remember saying a word and I remember so well that I was not scared. I am now 23 – several years in between – and still kicking for God.

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