The importance of winning people over | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

I have always been a proponent of the fact that you can’t grow with everyone. You also don’t need everyone on your team because you will not succeed that way. However, you need to know that even when you do not need people on your team, you still need them on your side. What does that mean? They may not be a part of your still but you still don’t want them working against you.
Don’t ever think that you will get to that level where no one is working against you but in your own capacity, you have to strive to win people over. This is also not just because you want them to love you and probably look like a good person in front of them. It is for several other important reasons that you need to consider winning people over to your side.
One of the major reasons you have to win people over to your side is that you are going far in life. You know the destiny that you carry and the roads you will have to travel. You understand that the journey is far and may not be such a convenient one but you are prepared for that journey.
The other thing is that there are those who know that they are not going far in life. They have no purpose. They have no ambition. They have no idea what to do with themselves. In fact, they are looking for more people to win over to the side of those we refer to in Nigeria as ‘No Future Ambition.’ You are the one that will not let such people become your distraction or win you over. It is your duty to win such over so they reduce distractions they are giving you.
Sometimes you may have even overcome their capacity to distract you but remember that they are going nowhere. So if they choose to make attempts to destroy something they have nothing to lose. That now makes it clear that because you have a lot at stake, you will try to keep them at a distance and in peace.
Winning people over can also save you from some silent killers. How does information go round? It’s through some strong relationships that you have built or with some people that you are working with or forging alliances with. There are some people who will not do much for you but you need the information they have access to and such information can turn your own life around. The information they have can save a lot of time and resources just as it can save your life.
It’s important to also note that there are those who have nothing to do with you now because you are not making the big impact yet. They are just waiting for that day when you want to make the big impact or when big things are about to happen for you. That’s when they want to come in and stop the big stuff from happening in your life. If you win them over early enough, you stop future pains that can be disastrous or even suicidal from happening.
Your own life and future are some of the important things you always want to guard and to do that, one of the important things to take care of is winning people over to your side. They can be on your side but they do not have to be in your team.
Think more about the future. Don’t think only about today. When you do that, you will also see that you need to win as many people as you can over to your side just to make sure some things go well.
From today, go about your business diligently while also winning people over.  

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