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Some people are greedy and some are liberal. Whichever one you are, you will always give to people but the difference is that one is done compulsory and the other is done willingly. When people do not understand how a system works they tend to take so much from the system and try not to release so much into the system. That’s why some people keep taking and never give back. In some cases, they will tell you they have worked so hard to get what they have and others need to work so hard before they can get what they want as well.
I was just thinking recently and realized that both the generous man and the greedy man give all the time but in different situations so here’s what I came up with:
1.Liberal giving
People can feed from you when you identify the needs they have and you decide to give to them without anyone telling you to do so. You may also hear about their needs and try in your capacity to meet the needs. In some other cases, you may have some beggars at your doorstep and decide to feed them or give them any other thing you want to give them. In some cases its not about people who really have some needs or people who are begging. They could just be friends, families or people who work for you that you just want to appreciate or encourage by giving gifts.
2.Giving compelled by ignorance
In this case, you may try hard never to give anyhow to anybody but you will always end up giving more than you are trying to withhold. When you should trust people with some little amount of money and send them on errands you will want to run the errands yourself because you want to save up some money. People who act up when it comes to money end up being cheated because they Don’t trust the people who can be truly trusted all because of money. They withhold too much and when they do a final review of expenses, they realize they have spent more than necessary. When you need someone to fix something for you and you are not a technical person, you will always have to pay for that service since you are not a technical person. Its not possible for you to do everything yourself. There are things you must pay for. Someone has to fix your computer system, another person has to do your plumbing works and someone else will fix your television. You will need a different person to fix the car you use or the air conditioner you have to use! We all pay for the things we do not know in one way or the other.
3.Giving for service or product
In this case, you are willingly giving in order to get a desired service or product. You may not be compelled to give but you desire to use the product or enjoy a particular service from someone. You have to give for that reason as well. We all give for the food we eat, the transportation and the telecommunications service we enjoy and some other government facilities we might be using.
You may not be comfortable with the truth but there is no way you can be so greedy that people will not feed from you. Free yourself and take life easy. Now you know people will either eat from your generosity, ignorance or your needs!
© Fola Daniel Adelesi
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