4 Ws – We Will Work our Way – Fola Daniel Adelesi

“We Will Work our Way” seems like any other statement and a very simple one at that but a closer examination of the statement will reveal to you one of the primary principles that you will ever need to get on in anything that you have started in your life. You will realize as soon as you have started out in life that everything is not primarily about you and that you will not get anything done if it was always about you. It is important to take a look at my perceived power and implied meaning of the words so that we can have a new understanding of the statement.
When we cultivate the right attitude then life becomes simple because it is easier to achieve with a team and not just with any team but the right team. Before any man can achieve with a team and the right team for that matter then the person must have begun a personal detachment from selfish moves that will not allow for team spirit and consequently the progress of a venture at hand. If you have the “we attitude” then you will always do things with the team spirit and when you do things with the team spirit there will be more hands on ground to accomplish the task in a shorter time normally required to do the same thing by an individual. You do not only require a shorter time but you have the tendency to do things more effectively with a team spirit when there are different valuable contributions driving the “we” oriented task.
The will is like the battery bars on our mobile phones. The time the phone requires to work is absolutely dependent on the battery strength and the phone goes off as soon as the battery no longer sustains it. I have been told, just like I know you would have heard, that, “a will to win will make us free.” There is never a time in our lives when we will do things that exceed the power of the “will” in our lives. We can only go as far as the will in our hearts and we are only truly limited by the will that drives us. There were times when people had other limitations in the endeavours of their life but they also had a will and the result was that the will over powered the limitations they had. When a man desires to achieve and the challenge at the time will be his education then he develops a will for the education so that the ultimate task can be pursued when the limitation bar has been raised. The will is about what we are going to do and what we are not going to do. It is the motivating and the de-motivating factor in the things that we set out to do. We only have significant progress in life with the power of the will inside of us. When the power of our will like the battery of our mobiles phones goes out then things we desire to do in life will be grounded.
We cannot only choose to talk and expect that the results we desire will materialize simply for the words that we have uttered. We must have a deliberately planned effort geared towards the attainment of the goal that we have set. We only hit the goal when there is a “go” for the goals. We cannot only talk the talk and expect the work to work itself simply because we are super talkers. We have to talk the work for the “we” – team – to understand and immediately after that we must take a step ahead to work the talk so that the things which are seen would be said to have come from the things which are not seen.
When there is a “we” attitude and there is “will” for the “work” then there must be a decision on our “way.” As much as it is important to do the things that we need to do we must also realize that we cannot do things the way other people think things must be done. We have to decide our own course in life. I once read a Danish proverb that says, ‘he who listens to every man’s advice will have a crooked house.’ We need advice from people and we need to find out how other people did things so that we do not have to repeat the mistakes that they made and also do not waste as much time as they wasted when they were starting out on their track. The idea of consulting other people is not to take hook, line and sinker what they have to say. We are to consult people often times because we need a broader view of what we are trying to do and we will do things well when we see the things that limited other people. We will do things well when we look at other people and understand why and where they fell into a rat race rather than engaging a strategy for the things that need to be done.
Now that I have spent some time explaining the words I believe you already have a new understanding of the statement “We Will Work our Way.” For things to succeed they should be “we” oriented. The things we need to do can only be driven by a proven “will” and the proof of the will most times is the “work” but more importantly it has to be your suitable “way.”

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