What you need to be separated from during a process | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

As soon as the coast is clear for a new assignment, there will always be things we need to be separated from for us to get to our desired destination. If we are not separated from those things, we may not get to our destination in life. In some other cases, we will get to those desired destinations in life but those things we refuse to be separated from will make a mess of our future.
One of the reasons I am extremely careful about women is because of my future. I also think anyone who has a great future needs to be careful with the opposite sex. You should never get too attached to anyone who is not your spouse. I have great friends that I relate with at a distance but there are limits to how we relate.
Several years ago, I thought about what I could possibly become in the future. I thought about how I could possibly become the governor of my state or the president of my country. Now picture a situation where I am in either of the offices mentioned above and a woman pops up out of the blue with a child claiming I am the father of the child. That would be very embarrassing and the lady would want to start a blackmail. Imagine the many things that could lead to? Anyone in this situation who is also in a position of authority may want to start a cover-up and will eventually deep hands into the government treasury to silence the blackmailer.
The scenario above is just one and there are several others that could play out. If you believe that you have a great future, there are a number of things you need to be separated from. You will also have to be sensitive enough to know where and when or how to go about the separation. Some of the things you need to be separated from include:
1. Places – During the all-important life process that you’re going through or will go through, you will be moved away from some places or moved into new places. There are places you need to be separated from. Those places may look nice and they will always be attractive to you so you may find them difficult to separate from. If you don’t separate yourself from those places, you will never go far with any serious thing you’re doing. It’s possible you know some of these places that you ought to be separated from and you have to start making the effort to leave those places or stop going to those places. You may also not know those places and these are places that are not allowing you to move forward. Start reviewing the places in your life and start checking the value they are adding. You should also take it a step further by praying to be sure about places you need to relocate from or stop visiting so that you can move forward in life. Places are very important in our lives and being in the right places will always be one of the best decisions human beings will always make.
2. People – When going through a process, you will need to be separated from some people and new people will be brought to you. Those people you are going to be separated from are people who directly want to stop you or people who have the influence or habits that can stop you. We need people around us and that can’t be overemphasized. However, it’s not everyone that you need around you. You really have to be careful about the people who are around you. While you’re trying to succeed, there will always be people who are interested in helping you to succeed. They will also do anything they need to do for you to succeed. There are those who will not be interested in you or your success. They don’t care what happens to you and will never disturb you so long as you don’t disturb them. Then we have those who are intimidated by your success and will do anything to stop it. Others are not really interested in stopping your success and they don’t mean any harm but they don’t know when to stop running their mouths. The problem is that they know so much about you and they keep spreading to anyone who cares to listen. You need to be separated from anyone who knows too much about you and will not stop talking about you to other people. Those are also dangerous people. There are those who also backbite and will go to any length to sabotage you.
3. Habits – If you don’t check yourself, you will be your own greatest enemy. You need to check your eating habit. You need to check how you flip out every time someone speaks against you or says something you don’t like. Habits will make or mar a man. We all have the great opportunity of forming great or destructive habits. If you have unconsciously formed destructive habits over the years, it is time to choose new and good habits over the destructive ones. Every process that you go through in life will take some bad habits from you and help you to form new habits so that you can last longer where you are going.
Separation is pivotal to getting to your destination in life. If you don’t check yourself from time to time, you will not realize that you’ve taken some excess baggage that will make it difficult for you to get to where you are going. Start checking now and let the separation begin.

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