“thank God we are guilty.”

If the entire universe, after creation, was supposed to be a

movie, you all will agree with me that the first scene of that

movie was a love scene. In one of the scenes the author of the

movie called the universe said, “Let us make man…” You

cannot make what you don’t love. In another scene he said,

“for it is not good for the man to be a lone…” You can only have

compassion on what you love and the people you love.

Much later we realized that one of the names of the author of

the Universe is Love because the manuscript that he wrote

through which we are to act out the scenes of our lives says that

he is Love. Consequently, God must have enjoyed watching us

celebrate a day like this because we call it the lovers’ day. Here

is the implication. If we are celebrating lovers’ day and the

Bible says that God is love and we know that Love – God – can

only reproduce Love – His children – then it means we are

celebrating God who is love and His children – you and I, the

seeds of love.

This year we have taken the bull by the horn having decided to

confront an issue that even the giants are contending with. We

all have temptations to fight just like Jesus fought His and did

promise that in this world we shall have tribulations. We are

facing this issue because no wise man in his widest

imagination thinks about how to avoid temptation but how to

manage it. If temptations were avoidable I think the scripture

would not have said that we have a high priest who has gone

through every temptation that we are going through and still

did not sin.

Many of us cannot celebrate ourselves any more because of

this one thing that we all must go through. We have gone

through and are still going through various temptations and

sometimes we wonder if it is ever possible to stay clean. We

feel so dirty and so unworthy to come into the love that God

has showered on us. When we intend to read the word of God,

a moment when the Holy Spirit is waiting to communicate

with us, we block the pending communication with the Spirit

because we are feeling so guilty that we think we should not

read his word.

It is exactly for that reason that I would say thank God we are

guilty. Thank God we feel bad for going to bed with a

prostitute. Thank God we are not happy with ourselves simply

because we smoked. Thank God we do not feel too happy

about coming to church when we have just finished hurting

some else. Thank God we feel guilty about not

communicating properly or out of eye service with someone


I guess you are wondering why I am thanking God for our

realization of the fact that we are sinners! I read Philip

Yancey’s book – WHERE IS GOD WHEN IT HURTS – and this

great author was able to convince the readers of that book that

pain is profitable to man. What do I mean. His proposition can

be explained by saying that man will not know it is not good to

touch fire if he does not feel pains. Man will not know when to

pay attention to his body if he does not feel pains. He went

ahead to talk about some people whose legs were being

chopped off by rats and were dying gradually because they

couldn’t feel pains. In order words, we have lived longer than

we should because we can feel pains and take necessary


That is the same thing that guilt is supposed to do to us. T.D.

Jakes explains that guilt is a proof that God has given us the

grace to change. Feeling guilty is not as important as

neglecting the guilt. You were not made to feel guilty so that

you can nurse the guilt.

Here’s an issue. Revelation 3:19 says “As many as I love, I

rebuke and chasten…” (NKJV). Another one says, “To all

those who are dear to me, I give sharp words and

punishment…” (Bible in Basic English). Following these

words, it means the reason you are feeling guilty is that God

still loves you. You need to be told that there are some people

who don’t feel guilty anymore. A father instructs a child either

nicely or harshly simply because the child still enjoys love.

Thank God we are guilty. Guilt is a mechanism of God to

check us in line with His precepts. Thank God we are Guilty.

Guilt is a proof of love. Thank God we are Guilty. Guilt is an

invitation to repentance. The only reason we feel guilty is

because we still have a conscience. Using the illustration of

the prodigal son when the father ran towards the son having

decided to come home, Bishop Mike Oye said, “when we take

one step towards God, He takes ten steps towards us. The

purpose of the GUILT MECHANISM is not to nurse the pain

because there is no greater pride than refusal to repent. Like

the prodigal son’s father, God is waiting to run towards us if

we take one positive step in response to the guilt.


This text was delivered at the annual valentine programme organized by Edible Pen Organization in Springs Of Life Fellowship, Olabisi Onabanjo University on the 14th Day of February 2008.

We intend to reach millions of people through this piece. Please assist by duplicating and distributing.

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