5 reasons some Christians don’t get their dream jobs or rise to the top! │© Fola Daniel Adelesi

It could be that all you needed to get a particular job was favour but you have to be wise enough to know that you will need more than favour to stay on the job! You could have gotten a job that you really didn’t qualify for! Some other people who attended the same interview that you did could have been more competent or may just have more certificates than you do but for one reason or the other that cannot be logically explained, you got the job! When that happens you should not let anyone tell you that you will need faith plus competence to stay on the job!
For some other people, they have the faith and they have the competence but something is still missing. They do excellently well when it comes to their duties but they still notice that they are not rising beyond a point and they may have been there longer than expected! Others may even get to that point and pass them on the corporate ladder but they cannot explain what is happening!
There even some cases where Christians don’t get jobs at all for very little reasons and some of the things I have observed that can either stop them from rising or getting the job include:
Packaging – We cannot talk too much about the need to look good! I have also heard some people say that looking good is serious business and we also need to take it very serious! When you see some people appear for an interview you can tell immediately that they belong to a denomination! That is not supposed to be so! As a matter of fact if you trace that deeply into the Bible itself and relate it with the words of Jesus, such people are in a way taking after the Pharisees and the Saducees! The people who always appeared very holy and any other person who didn’t look like them is not holy! If you mean business then you need to look very smart and decent! I place emphasis on decency because I detest any form of dressing that does not present you as a decent person! People can favour you just for looking good! I think you also need to note that evangelism might be easier when you look good!
Networking – It is also disappointing to note that a lot of Christians who claim that they do not want to be equally yoked with unbelievers allow other people take their places cheaply in their places of work! A simple networking in the office might just be all you need to earn the promotion you have been waiting for! I remember someone who is a colleague of mine and she was sharing how she got her job. All those who went for the job interview had been screened but the company needed just one person. Finally, they resorted to asking the front desk executive what she thought of the interviewees since she had spent more time with them before and after the interview. Unknown to my colleague that this was going to happen, she had initially engaged the front desk executive in a conversation and they talk for long as if they had known each other before that day! When it was time for the final say to rest on the opinion of the front desk executive, she just mentioned the name of my colleague who had been relating with her! A simple, decent and professional networking might just give you an information that will shoot you to the next level in your career!
Substituting competence with faith – imagine a scenario where your boss is asking you about a task giving to you and instead of giving answers to your boss who is simply expecting results, you open your mouth to say, ‘it is well sir or God is in control.’ Don’t misunderstand me! It is not wrong to say such things in the work place but in a lot of places, people who are supposed to have been ready with answers for their superiors as a sign of competence usually just come up with all those faith clichés and expect their bosses to carry on that way! If you are in the habit of substituting competence with faith, you are on your way out of that organization! You might just get there one day and they will give you a letter saying that your services are no longer needed! Some people even see the signs that they will be fired and instead of fixing the competence issues, they still want to lean on faith a lone to get them going! In the corporate world, it must b faith and competence working together!
Personal development – There are those who never develop themselves even after several years of being on the same job! The competence with which they started the job is what they still have and nothing has changed over the years! Those who constantly develop themselves and also acquaint themselves with relevant skills needed for new challenges will always move ahead of you in the organization! In a few places they may reward you for saying long in the organization but not too many people pay you simply for staying long in their organization! Christians are supposed to constantly develop themselves and of all people, they should not even be the ones who will be told to go and improve on their skills. Even the Bible tells us to be continually transformed by the renewing of our minds! That could also translate to taking new trainings to expand our minds and see things in a new light or to even expand our possibilities!
Turning work place to a religious centre! – Some people never do their devotion at home and it is in the office they want to come and do a public devotion when they have a back log of work on their desk! We need to set our priorities right and be sure of what we want! I think that it is wrong to spend the most productive part of the day for which you are being paid to do what you call your daily devotion! Some people work in a busy city like Lagos and they may claim that the only time they have to do their devotion is when they get to the office because they have to leave their houses early. If that is the case then plan well to leave the house early, get to the office at least 30 minutes before the official resumption time and do your devotion! That way you will not get on anyone’s nerves for spending office time to do devotion! It’s when some people get to the office and they have work to do that they now spread their Bibles and daily devotionals on their desk when work should have started. If you want to be a full time pastor you can as well resign from your job and go to the church office where you can read Bible from 8 to 5!
There are several other issues that we can raise if we are to continue but these are some major issues that some Christians blindly hold unto to the detriment of their jobs or promotions! I also know of some Christians who are always taking permission to be out of the office for one Christian programme or the other and still get paid!
Seat up! Don’t let people insult God because of your attitude to work again! Have faith but be competent!
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