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Is there anything you can become in life without first understanding your purpose? It is the very essence of existence and know what can help you to fulfill your purpose is also as important as discovering the purpose itself. It’s good enough that you have already discovered your purpose (so I presume especially if you have been following my blog on www.foladaniel.wordpress.com) but you cannot just stop at discovering the purpose. In case you still have not discovered your purpose and you are reading this please you will need to go to my blog and read series of articles on your purpose.
I am doing all the best possible within my power to make sure that I get as many people as possible to the line of purpose. It is very important to be on that path because that is the only way you can truly enjoy your life. I have seen people who seem to have achieved so much success but they still have not found fulfillment. There is still a gap somewhere and they really don’t know what it is. Some people eventually find that missing link to explain why they have a lot of money and so many things that money can buy and still living without happiness. The reason you can have success without happiness is that you are not on the path of purpose.
Have you discovered purpose and still wondering how to go about fulfilling it? It is not a hard thing at all. You only have to take a decision and then know some other things. On the line of decisions that you have to take, being committed to that purpose for the rest of your life is the first. You cannot claim that you have one purpose today and that purpose is no longer your purpose tomorrow. Again I always say that strategy may change and positions or situations may change but your purpose in life remains the same.
Having said that, you need to know about the following and also work with them. These may not be the only things that you will need to fulfill your purpose but at least these seven things will definitely help in the fulfillment of your purpose and here they are:
1. Prowess – When I looked up some of the synonyms for Prowess I found words like: Ability, Expertise, Skill, Competence, Dexterity and Proficiency. If you are going to ever fulfill your purpose in life you will need a measure of skill. A level of ability. You will need to be proficient in certain things. Without a skill you can’t go too far. Every purpose requires a form of skill for you to fulfill. So you have to either discover the skills or build them. When you also have the skills, you will have to be proficient to a level. Mediocrity is not an option at all and you must not tolerate it.
2. Passion – There are several other words for passion but the one I like the most because of this topic I am writing on is obsession. That is a powerful word. It could also mean that you are completely taken over by something else. Passion gives you a lot of energy and passion will keep you going in life. Without passion I think you may not get to far as well.
3. Positive words – I remember my pastor and one of my life coaches, Reverend Sam Adeyemi, will say, ‘I am an incurable optimist.’ You must constantly use faith-filled words. You have to be positive and stay positive all the time. There are times when it will look as though nothing is going to work but you can turn them around with your positive words. What you say is what you get. As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. You are a product of what you think and you cannot produce anything better than your positive thoughts. If you stay negative, you will also get all the negative things in the world.
4. Personal Development – The skill that got you to where you are will not be enough to get you to where you are going. You will constantly need to develop yourself. Another thing you also need to pay attention to is the fact that your present skill might be enough to start. But it may not be enough to keep you going. Your present capacity can actually help your purpose probably because you are not yet famous. Just learn that you will get to new levels and new skills or expertise will be needed to sustain you. You will need know knowledge and you must have added extra ability. Personal development always keeps you going.
5. Prayers – I have established in previous writings on purpose that God is our maker and if he is then you must communicate with him about your purpose. There will be points in the process of fulfilling purpose when no human strategy or consulting prowess will be able to explain what you are going through. No professor will also be able to tell you the way forward and if you do not know how to pray a simple heartfelt prayer to your maker, your just might be stuck for a long time. Sometimes the prayer might also be about gaining direction or preserving what you already have and to break new grounds.
6. Positioning – Proper Positioning Presents you to Prepared Prospects! There are people who are supposed to help you in life. There are prospects you are supposed to take advantage of. If you do not position yourself well you will lose all the prospects that are supposed to be yours. The people who are supposed to help you will not see you. It could also be those who are supposed to do business with you that will not see you. Sometimes the positioning in this case goes beyond advertising, branding and getting a good office location. It is not just about having a website and being on all the social media platforms. It could also be a spiritual positioning. You have to do all the branding and make sure your brand is visible but it is a lot more than that.
7. Pictures – What pictures do you have in mind that explains where you are going in life? What is the picture of the future in your mind? If your do not have pictures in your mind then you need to start creating pictures about where you want to be. Create a picture in your mind about what you will be doing in five to ten years from now. You should also take it a step further to print some of those pictures. Again, Reverend Sam Adeyemi will say that if the picture is in your mind, it will only take a while before it is in your hands.’ Think about your future and create pictures about them. If such pictures exist on the internet, print them out and stick them to the wall. Or you can tear them off from the page of a magazine and stick them on the wall.
Your purpose is not a mirage. It is real and can be fulfilled. All your dreams can come to pass but you have to do something. You have a role to play and nothing happens until you play your part. Play your part in the fulfillment of your purpose and you will live happily ever after.

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