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Very soon when you ask some kids to define Christmas or explain the essence of Christmas, they will tell you ‘it’s simply that period when people do a lot of shopping and so many trees with lights are found around town. It’s also that time when we eat a lot of chicken and we go from place to place eating. It’s just a time of fun.’
So far that is the impression that we have given to so many young people and a lot of them now think that Christmas is explained or defined by merry making. If there is no merry making then there is no Christmas. When they see trees all over the place with lights on them then they are certain that it’s Christmas. Some of them even see Christmas as a time to go to some special place to go and see Santa.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with going out and having some fun but we have simply given a wrong legacy by taking the focus of Christmas completely of Jesus and making it look like it’s more about the merriment of the season.
The loss of focus or the shift in focus may not be unconnected with the fact that so many unbelievers have tried to hijack Christmas. They tried to come up their own plans without connecting to Jesus and it is very unfortunate that so many Christians bought into this. Now we sell the fun much more than we sell the saviour to the world.
I simply want to challenge you to reset the legacy you are giving to your children and every other young person around you. There is more to this great season that just shopping and looking for great deals here and there. In fact, when you think Christmas the only thing some people think about is business. They think of it as a time to sell a lot of stuff to people.
Once we miss the focus of the season then we lose the blessing that comes with it. We cannot let the fun take the shine. We cannot let Santa take the shine of Jesus. It was Jesus that came to die for us, not Santa. It was God who gave us the greatest gift of all and not Santa who gives you gifts that you will soon use up or eat up.
What’s the best Christmas legacy you can give to others? It is simply to introduce them to Jesus and make sure that they start a long lasting relationship with him. Once you get people to Jesus you have given them the best legacy ever.
Set your children on the path of righteousness. The Bible tells us to train up a child in the way he should go. When he grows up he will not depart from it. You will have everlasting peace after doing this. I also believe that you have been on that path yourself.
Just in case you have not or you will like to lead your young ones to Christ, please say this or ask them to say after you:
Dear Lord Jesus, I understand you have come as the greatest gift from God. You paid the ultimate price with your life for my sins. You died that I may live. I am sorry for my own sins. Please forgive. I accept your great sacrifice for my life. I will not return to my sin. I sincerely admit that you are my Lord and Saviour. Lead me and show me the path of life for the rest of my days on earth. Thank you for saving me. Glory to God!
This is the best Christmas legacy that you can pass down to others. If you have not started passing this to others, please start from today. You will be glad you did.

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