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Many visionaries did not fulfill their vision not because they were not dogged enough to follow through but because somewhere along the line they had to make choices that were against their visions. Some of them felt they were in a tight corner and would not have any other choice other than to follow that line that works against their vision but if they had thought it through they would have realized that they really had other choices they could have made that will not work against their vision.
I have been at some cross roads before where I was under pressure to do something for myself or to do something for other people just to ensure they reduce the pressure they are putting on me. In some of such situations, the people I tried to impress by following what they wanted were the ones who got the peace and satisfaction but I did not get my peace so I had to outgrow such decision making styles of doing something that I could do not necessarily because I wanted to but because someone else felt that was better for me. You will never get into Gods full vision for your life if all you have to do is spend the rest of your life trying to do what others think you should do and not what you ought to do.
There have been situations when you really should not follow what people say at all because you are the only one who knows what God told you and you are the architect of your life. You are the one who will bring the design into existence as shown to you by God. If you let other people show you their own plans then you will stop looking at Gods plans and will start looking at the plan of men. Ultimately, when you start looking at the plan of men, you will end up building the life and ideas of men but Gods original plan remains untouched and unexecuted.
You can do things right but that does not mean you are doing the right things. Doing things right is when men suggest some very noble ideas to you that will make you famous and probably put some money into your pocket right away but doing the right thing is letting God lead you to do what seems unpopular and having to wait in times when it seems like nothing will ever come out of it. At the end of the day you will realize, no matter how hard the beginning seems, that doing the right things even when they are hard will pay off more than just doing things right.
You may, in some cases decide to leave your dreams and take up a job, just because you need steady income and abandon Gods vision for your life which will take you to unimaginable places only if you stay, work at it and endure the low times. Sometimes the choices against your vision might be about hiring someone you know you are not supposed to but you go ahead to just to say that you have some big guys in your business.
In whatever you do, you must have questions that will guide you to the right path about doing the right things or if you are just doing things right! Never follow what people think in life! Follow your inner nudging conscience which does not speak for you or against you but simply tells you what must be done.
© Fola Daniel Adelesi
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