A costly mistake miraculously salvaged │© Fola Daniel Adelesi

I guess we all make some mistakes and in one way or the other we pay seriously for those mistakes. Sometimes when the mistakes have been made, one way forward could be to admit the fact that we made a mistake, see where the mistake was made and be willing to correct it so that it will not be repeated another time. When we make mistakes and still live in denial, we push ourselves further into making some unnecessary but painfully costly mistakes. What costly mistakes are you making and what are your reactions to the costly mistakes? Is it admittance or denial?
A few days ago I was to work using a power generating set. I noticed the cable going into the generating set was almost broken. I could have just chopped it off myself and reinsert the cable properly. I just left it and powered the generating set. It finally broke and the generating set went off. I returned to it and saw the small piece that got broken. I could have removed it but still did not remove it. I left the small broken piece there and reinserted another end of the cable into the same hole. It worked and it didn’t look like there was going to be any problem. I obviously had been negligent twice and because nothing happened immediately I just left things that way.
It was time to use the generating set again and in less than thirty minutes after it came on, it gave a funny sound and the lights went off. By the time I got to the generating set, it was already on fire! The small piece of cable that was broken and the other end were obviously having some serious issues that led to a spark and then fire! I got a piece of cloth, pulled out the cable and turned off the generating set using the choke. The fire stopped and the damaged seem to have been reduced. Miraculously, after a few minutes, I tried to power it on and it still came on again!
Well the issues are that 1. I could have burnt down the building if the incident became serious just because of previous negligence. 2. The mechanic that came to check the wires was absolutely surprised that the coil of the generating set was not burnt completely! It would have cost me some good money to buy a new one and to have the generating set working again.
The idea behind writing this is to get you to think about the costly mistakes you are also making. Are there things you are also neglecting and you have left them that way simply because nothing has gone wrong so far? Are you thinking about the possible consequences of your action? What can possibly go wrong either within the house or in your office if you continue this way?
You have to start thinking about them right now and try as much as you can to stop all those costly mistakes you have either been making consciously or unconsciously. My costly mistake in this case was salvage – miraculously – but it will be wise not to ever allow that happen again! Think and note what you have to avoid hoping that you don’t run out of luck with all the mistakes you have made so far.
Please be more careful so that the costly mistakes don’t even come close to costing you your life are leaving you with a disability!
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