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When I first saw the words above it didn’t mean much to me. After a while when I kept seeing ‘gentle reminder,’ I started asking questions. I wondered what would happen if you do not respond to the gentle reminder or if you do not take to the instructions of the gentle reminder. Often times, nothing happened despite ignoring the gentle reminder. Nothing may have happened with the gentle reminder coming from someone trying to sell trainings or a product but it will never be the same if the gentle reminder is coming from the estate agent.
So if you don’t take gentle reminders in emails seriously, please do not ignore this one just as you will not ignore the one coming from your estate agent or landlord. This gentle reminder is not about some training or your house rent. This is about your life. Yes, you read that correctly, it’s about your life.
What have you been doing with your life and who have you been touching with your life. You really do not need all the time in whole world to touch people’s lives. You only need some actions that will consistently impact people positively. You may even get people that you will only meet once in your life time. There may be no other chance to be a great blessing to them or a life changer for them. You may have only twenty minutes or less to meet and to change their lives.
Before we even continue with changing other people’s lives, how have you changed your own life? What purpose have you discovered? What kind of vision are you running with? Is there something that keeps you awake every night or gets you out of bed first thing in the morning?
This is a gentle reminder to live a life of purpose and to live your life intentionally. You cannot expect that you will get whatever life offers you. You have to sit and think then you decided what you are going to make out of life. The only way to make a meaning of your life is to start with a meaning. If you do not start with a meaning then you should not expect that it will just happen for you.
There must be a working plan. Just as you cannot build a good house without a plan, you cannot build a good life without a plan. You should not only have that plan but follow the plan. Even if you have to make adjustments somewhere along the line, it is very important that you have the plan to work with and review from time to time.
While this gentle reminder may not come with sanctions, there are grave implications for not follow the things suggested above. Don’t be afraid. I am not threatening you and I have no power to back of the threat if I choose to do so. However, the truth must be told. When you ignore important things like putting your life on a plan, you may not like what you will see after about ten years of living without a plan.
I believe you remember that crops and other fruits do not grow on their own in the farm. It is only weeds that grow on their own. The same thing happens to life. Just as the unwanted plants grow willingly on the field, the unwanted things also happen to a life that is not planned. That is why it is very important to ensure that your life is not only planned but runs according to plan.
If over the years you had plans that you have neglected, please go back to them and make sure you now live by those plans. The only way to have a great and exciting life is to have envisaged what your life will look like in the future you are going to.
I hope you do not ignore this gentle reminder so that you do not regret many years from now that you did not plan your life. Please act and make your life count.

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