A heart connection with your goals | Fola Daniel Adelesi

I have seen lofty ideas and I have seen beautiful goals. I have seen pages with many beautiful designs and if goals were to be achieved by designs alone, those goals would have been the best of goals implementable. At the end of the day, many of those goals aren’t accomplished for a simple reason and that is a heart connection with the goals.

You can get a goal setting template and create goals from that. You can also talk to people around to help with some goal setting documents. You can even go online and download several documents that are well written regarding business and personal goals but you still will not be able to achieve those great goals on the pages of those beautiful documents.

So we need to come to the real question. Do you have a heart connection with your goals? What’s a heart connection? Are you really desperate to achieve these goals you have just set? Will your heart skip a beat when you hear things that can negatively affect your goals? Is your heart constantly on those goals? Do you need to always refer to a document to remember your goals and your actions? Do you need a push from time to time to achieve your own goals?

Now you know why I believe there has to be a heart connection with your goals. If you need a push for your own goals then there is problem somewhere. If you need to always check a document to remember your goals there is problem somewhere. If all you have is an external motivation for your goals then there is a problem.

Your heart needs to be in your goals if your goals are really important to you. Your goals should also be taken as seriously as you take water any time any day. It is your heart being in your goals that takes the goals to your subconscious mind. And from your subconscious mind, you can take actions that do not seem to relate to your goals but on the long run, the actions will be connected. It is at this point that you sleep, dream, wake up and your dream is constantly in your heart. You then take the daily action needed to achieve the dreams.

If you create documents that are not genuinely from your heart and you call them goals, you may not get much from the document at the end of the year or by the timelines you have written for the goals.

The biggest motivator for the achievement of a goal is a ready and willing heart. It is the ready and willing heart that does not see the problems but the possibilities. A ready and willing heart will find a way around the challenges. A ready and a willing heart isn’t deterred by the challenges along the line and will not give up easily. When you have a heart connection with your goals, you don’t only remember your goals at the end of the year and the negative news around will not be enough reason to stop working on your goals.

Now take a look at those goals you have set again. Which one of the goals actually came from your heart? Which one are you going to sincerely follow through? Which one did you add just because every other person has it on their goal-setting books? Realign those goals with your heart and stick with those ones that your heart can always give a push too.  

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