A Mouthful generation with a mouthed breed – Fola Daniel Adelesi

A few years back some colloquial words – Slangs – came into the fore front of language in the country – Nigeria – but the interesting thing is that these words do not only have some interesting underlying meaning apart from the way the users intended to use it. They were words that were coined from what the English man would call having a sugar coated mouth. Nigerians in their usual characteristics of creativity with language formed two interesting words and they are “mouthful” and “mouthed.” When these words were coined the users of the words either used them when some influential people spoke or when some people made some empty boasts. If it was used after an influential person had spoken then it means the person’s opinions are respected and the person’s words would not be taken for granted. If someone who is making an empty boast gets a comment with those two words then the users are trying to say that they have only known him to be a speaker but never a doer.
Sometimes these two words were used to very impressive public speakers in town. The users would say about their favourite preachers or speakers that they are mouthful or mouthed as a way to express the speakers’ eloquence or depth of knowledge to another person.
As these words permeated the daily words being used by the people I personally began to put in personal interpretation especially with the emphasis of the people who used the words. For me to be mouthful would mean that you talk a lot. You have a sugar coated mouth. You can keep the audience glued to their seats when you speak but you do not have any authority as an undertone in your words. Being mouthed for me would mean that you are a great speaker but when you speak there are results. You don’t just stand to speak when you do not want to do what you are saying. You are also respected as a speaker not for the words only but for the results.
I have captioned this piece a mouthful generation with a mouthed breed because this is a generation where there are very many people who are talking but with only a few people who are getting down to action. I find a lot of people who seem to want to share an opinion but they don’t seem to realize that opinions are better shared on the results that you already have. It should be noted that the smallest of actions are greater and more revered than the biggest of intentions. We have too many mouthful people – talking and shouting people, people who seem to know what is right, people who seem to know what ought to be done – but there are only a few mouthed people – people who do what is right and begin to show others how to do them, people who do and express the right things, people who have tested what they are saying. When what you are saying has not been tested it remains an opinion but after testing it becomes a principle. Bible talks about the things that Jesus began to do and to teach, meaning that Jesus was mouthed and not mouthful. Stop being mouthful, be mouthed


  1. Fola Adelesi you will never change from being the outspoken and eloquent senior prefect we have ever had in Mayflower School.A very good write up keep it up.Love this so much.

    1. Why do you think I should change Emeka Ezeh, Biko! it is consistency of purpose that makes people eventually celebrate you when you have succeeded.

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