A need will necessitate your calling – Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc

A need will necessitate your calling Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc
When there was need for dominion in the beginning of the world God created Adam and told him to have dominion. When God saw that it was not good for the man to be alone he created a woman and presented her to the man. When God wanted to build a spiritual lineage He called Abraham out of his fathers house to bless him and to make him a blessing to the world. When the first Adam messed up God began a long reconciliation process through series of calling for prophets until Jesus came. When God wanted to present the law to His people He called a Moses but when the Grace was to be presented Jesus came to the scene.
All through the scriptures we have several examples to prove that there will always be a need in a place and that need will necessitate the calling upon the life of a man. When it was time for the children of Israel to leave Egypt God called Moses and when the people of God felt that they needed a king He appointed and anointed Saul as King. When Saul began to disobey God and did not even take the counsel of the prophet, God appointed and anointed David. When God needed to save a city He called Jonah. When a wicked queen arose in the Bible and began to kill all the heirs to the throne, God used someone to preserve a small boy for that same throne.
In the house of Saul was a man called Jonathan, Sauls son whose soul was knitted to that of David and was used greatly to preserve David until it was Davids time to reign. When God needed a man who would confront the prophets of baal He raised Elisha!
Any man who will prosper in the field of his calling must sit down and either ask questions or look to observe what necessitated his calling. If you cannot see the need that necessitated your calling then you will embark on an ordinary excursion! To do something with the anointing of God and to be respected for it does not mean that you are already meeting the need for which you were given a calling. Moses met the need for which he was called. Elisha met the need for which he was called. Abraham met the need for which he was called. Jonah, though deviated along the time, eventually met the need for which he was called.
There are a number of people who listen to the call of God and get carried away later by the fact that they have been called but forget the need inside the call. I hear a lot of people brag about how anointed they are but you really cannot see how much need they have met with the anointing. What is the essence of the anointing that does not meet a need? We must be careful not to only say that God has called us but to write down the vision as requested in Habakkuk and make it plain. In the written vision which explains the calling, the need must be clearly stated and underlined.
Bear in mind that the need your calling was meant to meet would determine the strategy and pattern with which you operate. There was a need in Macedonia and that was what necessitated the move of Paul but he did not forget the need and then be carried away by his powerful anointing. I urge you to review your call or remember when you eventually receive a call from God to look very well at the need that brought about your calling. In leadership, when a new leader comes into office and does not check why the last one left, the journey is bound to fail. Meet a need today with your calling!
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