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Sometimes I am tempted to look at the challenges ahead of me and some of the things I need to fix but have not been able to fix. Like every other human being, it just becomes so overwhelming when you remember all that needs to be done but have not been done. In that very moment, I just take a quick look at a few other things around me that are working and what happens to me is that I want to compare what’s working for me with what’s yet to be working. Honestly, I have more things working for me compared to the things that are not yet working and all I can say is that I am a proof of God’s faithfulness.
I have met with people from very privileged background who have access to nearly everything money can buy but I can’t say that I am from such backgrounds! Nevertheless, I have gotten some platforms to stand in front of such people to share the knowledge that I have gathered over the years and when I speak, they listen acknowledge the facts and also consult me after speaking. I have had situations where it suddenly dawns on me that a number of the people who are listening to me and also learning from me are people from richer backgrounds but I have the grace and the enablement to be relevant to such people!
At every phase in my life there have been challenges and some of those challenges have appeared to be so prolonged that you will think there would be no way out. Just before I blow the challenges out of proportion, let me quickly say that there is no phase of my life where I have not gotten a testimony to share. For many of us, life may not be a bed of roses but we still must look back for that one thing which proves that we are the proof of God’s faithfulness. We may have even been in some conditions where it looks like 9 out of 10 things have gone wrong but when we look very well at the one thing that is working, we will be able to say this one is the hand of God.
I do not just want to sound very optimistic but it will not be out of place to say that some people have died as a result of the same things that have gone wrong in my own life. Others have been battered and are not sure of standing on their feet again. Things may not have gone exactly as I planned but I am still standing on my feet. My eyes are intact, my ears are intact, my arms are intact, everything that God created with me is functioning as designed! What else is the proof of God’s faithfulness when I have gone through some of the situations that killed others?
For a moment I want my eyes taken off the issues I have not been able to resolve and just admit that by all standards, I am a proof of God’s undeniable faithfulness!
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