A thought-funnel is a life style | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

A thought-funnel is a consistent pattern of thinking for an individual, groups, organisations or even nations that identifies similar and familiar thoughts, accepts them and rejects or reacts aggressively when unwanted, strange or new thoughts come along. – Fola Daniel Adelesi, 2016.
I would like to break down this definition of thought funnel and show you how your thought funnel is built via a life style.
The first few words in those lines show that a thought-funnel is a consistent pattern of thinking. That clearly shows it is how you have been thinking repeatedly, over time. An individual can have a way of thinking and a group of people can have a way of thinking. An entire nation can also think in a certain way.
You should note that the thought patterns are built by the experiences that we have on daily basis. Sometimes they are general experiences and at other times, they are experiences unique to us. The interesting part is that a thought pattern can be built based on experiences shared by others who lived before us or who live in some other places. That means we may never have experienced certain things but because of what we have heard others say, we build a thought pattern.
Apart from real life experiences, the things we expose ourselves to via listening and watching will always form our thought-funnel. The way they form our thought-funnel is that they fill our hearts and dominate the place. So the pattern of thought that we have will, over time, bounce other thoughts that are not similar.
For example, think of your thought-funnel as pouring water into a bowl. Fill up the bowl with water and get a bottle of oil. Pour just a little portion of the oil into the bowl that contains water. For a very long time, you will always be able to identify the oil in the bowl filled with water. That’s because water and oil are not the same. So it is difficult for the water to absorb the oil so much so that you don’t notice it.
That’s how we are as human beings. The thought-pattern that we develop becomes the thought-funnel like water in a bowl. Any other thought that does not look like the thought we have always been exposed to will look like the oil struggling to mix with water but can’t really mix.
For some of us to get a better life, we will have to empty ourselves of our current thought-pattern and break the thought-funnel. We will have to build a new thought-funnel.
You can also think of your thought-funnel in the light of what sounds positive or negative. If, over time, you have built a positive thought-funnel, it will naturally not allow anything negative to go into you. And if what you have developed over time is a negative thought-funnel, anything positive will have real difficulty getting in.
Once your thoughts are formed then your life is defined. So you must be very careful about your thoughts. As you build your thoughts, you are building a lifestyle. The lifestyle might be difficult to break free from if it is not the right one. So again, I say choose your thoughts carefully and build your thought-funnel deliberately and not be default.

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