A TRIAL VERSION? – Fola Daniel Adelesi

When the manufacturers of some software companies produce a new software, they usually want the public to have a taste of what they have just produced and they send some copies of these products to the market often at a reduced rate. The product at this point has all the necessary feature but because it is a trial version, the users will not be given all the access they want to have to the features on the software.
The essence of not allowing people have access to every part of the software is to make them understand that the software at the moment is still undergoing public scrutiny and some how the manufacturers are trying to find a market for the products so what they have access to could be a fore taste of the original that would be release after the research is concluded.
In some of the CDs of these softwares they ask you to take a demo of the programme and see what it looks like. Just as soon as you begin to enjoy the whole programme and you want to click something new then a message comes up telling you that this is the trial version. My question now is, “how long are you going to live your life on the trial mode or as a trial version?”
I have come to the shocking reality of the fact that a lot of the people who are living in the society today are actually living the trial version of their lives. They are just in the preparatory stages of their lives and as much as that does not sound bad, it is disheartening to note that they have been in that preparatory stage for so long a time. You cannot afford to run the best part of your life as a trial version. You need to find your bearing as soon as possible and start manifesting to your world because your world is waiting for you.
You are part of the solution that we have been waiting for and the truth is that the world is really tired of waiting endlessly. The reason the world is tired of waiting endlessly is because we know people like you have what it takes to solve the problem of the world. You could be the one to redefine leadership for us. You could be the one to take technology to the new phase of totally creating an office in a home and make all the money you need to make in the home when everything you want is still going to be delivered to your doorstep.
I encourage you to step out with your gifts and dare the challenges ahead of you. Life will definitely not present to you a bed of roses but if your head remains unbowed life will present a winning trophy to you for standing tall and not being bent by circumstances.

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