Abundance in the midst of scarcity – Fola Daniel Adelesi

Why do a lot of people think that a great nation like Nigeria is poor when it is not only rich but has what it takes to make several other countries rich without feeling the impact of giving generously or lavishly to those nations? I would say that it is a problem to think that we have a problem when we do not have a problem in our hands and the problem is that we cannot see what’s in our hands despite the fact that what is in our hands is too much for us to consume alone. We often forget that we have to dig gold and not pick it on the floor but a lot of people do not want to dig the gold for their nations. They just want to pick gold on the streets.
When people do not know who they are they more likely to see themselves as people who have nothing so they start chasing after something so that those things they are chasing, it they ever get them will satisfy their inner desires. Unfortunately they realize that what they were chasing has no capacity to satisfy their desires and will not meet up with their expectations. First to begin to see abundance where people are seeing scarcity we must begin to see differently and often time look in different direction. When we do not look in different directions we are going to see the images that everyone else is seeing. In some cases we may be looking in the same direction and still have the opportunity to see differently but what we have to train ourselves to do is to make sure we are not looking because we have to keep our eyes open.
We live in a time when we have to look so that we can see the physical road but we look so that we can see a business road, a spiritual road, a road for national leadership and these things only surface when people begin to look insightfully. A talking nation will only have scarcity in the midst of abundance when there are no actions to back up the words. Apart from actions to back up the words that have been said the actions to be taken haven to be the strategic actions required. It is one thing to agree that going to school is important and it is another thing to realize that you have to plan the kind of school to attend rather than just getting into a school.
Those who are going to have abundance in the midst of scarcity are not the kind of people who will buttress the negatives of a situation needless to talk about being the ones promoting those ills of the situation. They are people who calm down the voice of the negative and help give the positive the needed voice. When you continually give the negative a voice rather than shutting your doors against it then you gradually begin to attract negative things and you conform to negative situation sin your life. When you begin to work with the mind of listening to the positive situation then you are likely to attract the positive situation and begin to create a different atmosphere for yourself because you have not entertained the negative situation in your life. This I what a lot of people have to learn to do so that they can move from being in a perpetually bad situation to a great situation that will always be a leverage for you.
You have heard that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and if you have not then I will say you now know it since you have just read it. It simply means that you have a chance to define what beauty means to you and whatever you call beautiful is what is beautiful. If that is true then you must begin to look out for the abundance deliberately when everyone is seeing the negative. Success understands a great aura and it is only attracted to those who have the aura to keep it around them. You can’t act like failures and expect that success will find you.

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