According to His word – 11 | Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, WCC

I realized from reading the word that we were not just created to serve but we were also meant to be served while here on earth. Every bonafide son or daughter of God, according to His word, has a measure of authority and influence which, by scriptural design and heaven’s mandate, puts you ahead of some and makes them available at your beck and call simply to help fulfill the purpose God has created you for.
His word says, ‘surely you shall call a nation you do not know, and nations who do not know you shall run to you in Isaiah 55:5. This to me connotes that our influence goes beyond being able to achieve something through a few people because we have built a good rapport with them over the years. Here’s a scriptural principle that defies management teachings in every way. For you to be able to achieve something and relate with some people it is expected that you will build a relationship over time.
With what the word of God has said, how on earth will you be able to build a cordial relationship with nations such that they will now begin to answer when you call? It even says that nations, not one, you do not know will run to you! From this I began to realize that we will grow in leaps and bounds and in our influence here on earth when we first realize that having control is not about us but about ‘The One’ who has given us assignment and will put in place every necessary measure to see the assignment fulfilled. People do not just wake up and call nations! Those who can call nations are those who have received that privilege from God and can make things happen for God.
The beautiful thing about it is that the word says surely ‘you,’ so it means that you can also call nations and they will answer you. What is required for nations to begin to answer to you has been placed inside of you but you have to discover it. You will only be able to call nations easily if you know where you are supposed to stand and take your place without wandering from one place to another.
An example of what it is to be able to call nations is to seat in one place and say something that will make Presidents of nations run around to find out what you said and why you said it. Today in our present world we have Presidents of nations running to South Africa to see Nelson Mandela. He does not go anywhere anymore to see anybody! In the 2010 world cup, the whole world was really hoping and almost praying that he would not die before that time so that he would be able to grace the occasion of the opening ceremony. He was very much alive but still did not attend the opening ceremony. Other examples of people calling nations today are Dr. Billy Graham who has consulted for several American Presidents, Bishop David Oyedepo and Pastor E. A. Adeboye. Nations are built to answer to you and you must prepare for that time when you will be calling them because you must have something to say to them when they show up. God’s word will not fail! The nations are coming to you! Prepare for them!

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