According to His word – 13 | Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, WCC

According to His word, when you speak men should marvel at what you say and they should begin to look out for what makes you very different from every other person. You can speak and every other person will just listen to you even when they don’t understand the details of what you are talking about.
I read the story of some unlearned men or ‘uneducated’ as one other version puts it in the Bible. Those who were surprised by the kind of wisdom these men exhibited were obviously learned men but they had to acknowledge that these men were different. The Bible says, ‘now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were unlearned and ignorant men, they marvelled; and they took knowledge of them, that they had been with Jesus.’
It’s amazing how some people would be regarded as unlearned and ignorant yet in the same verse it was said they had been with Jesus. It simply means only Jesus carried the kind of wisdom and understanding they now exhibited. You can get to a level according to His word in this verse where every other person admits that you may not have been more educated than them but in this matter you seem to be more knowledgeable. You can get to that level where people in your office will say we have the masters degree but we know that in this field you have shown more expertise despite the fact that we have more certifications.
Some people may have the doctorate degree and you may not even have one degree but the word of God will stand you out amongst those who have a plethora of degrees. You may even be a doctor amongst other people who have doctorate degrees but other doctors will still come to you for advice. You are not supposed to look like every other person in your field and you are supposed to be different in everything you do. As a child of God with the power of God, everybody must admit that you are different. Just as they acknowledge that the excellent spirit of God was upon Daniel, they must begin to admit that the excellent spirit of God is upon you and that it makes you different in your field. The only proof that you operate by the power of God is that you do things in a way that every other person cannot explain while still admitting that you are the best.
One day a preacher talked about how her doctor friend who was to be paid based on how many babies were born at the time she is on duty was getting paid because most of the babies were born when she was on duty. Whenever she was not on duty it was as if the babies were not forthcoming but as soon as she resumes the babies start coming. That is the proof of the power of God in your life. Things will be happening in a way that you cannot explain and people will want you to explain it. When you eventually start explaining they may see some weaknesses but the grace of God will be more obvious than the weaknesses.
Peter and his colleagues did not have the certifications that the public magnified but they had the word of God that magnified them above those who had the certificates!

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