According to His word – 17 | Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, WCC

God’s reassuring words for the tough times we might be passing through will always be there to let us know what he will do for us and what he has in place already but it may be very hard for some to believe that those words are real. Our unbelief does not make the word of God any less potent than it has always been but we must learn how this faith thing works and to know that it will never be in alignment with our understanding.
Sometimes we will get into very hard times and it may look like everything is turning upside down. Sometimes it looks as if the boss in the office is not getting at anybody else other than you and all the bills that have to be paid are mounting day after day. You may have been moving from one relationship to another and you have, for more than five to ten years running, been hoping to get married without getting close to the reality! In all of these what His word says to us is, ‘when you pass through the waters, I will be with you; And through the rivers, they shall not overflow you. When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned, nor shall the flame scorch you.’ (Isaiah 43:2)
According to His word, God has a guaranteed for us to make it through the tough times but he has never said there will not be any! He already knows we will pass through the waters and he is not the God that will take responsibility away from His children. He would rather help and make it easier to be responsible than taking away responsibility so he promises to make sure the water does not overflow rather than showing us how not to get into the water in the first place. God will help us not to be burned rather than not allowing us pass through the fire at all.
There are times when we are forced to look at the economic downturn and the rate of unemployment coupled with the number of miscreants on the streets who give communities sleepless nights. At other times the problem might just be one of your children who is not turning our fine and you have big dreams about the same child getting into school and coming out with good grades so as to start a big business or work for a multinational company. You may have been praying hard and expecting something to happen real quickly! Nothing may have happened so far but I have the word here in front of you. That situation will not burn you and the waters will not overflow you.
‘I will be with you,’ is what the word said and that means He is practically there with you in the waters and in the fire. Just as He was there when Peter was going to drown and He saved Him, you can be so sure that God will not watch you drown in that situation. His help is available all the time but you also have to ask for it because He will in no wise cast out those who go to Him for help. Whatever the situation is you have to muster enough strength and just say, ‘God, I need help. Just as you said you will be with me and not let the fire burn me, help me through this situation’
I don’t know what fire you are passing through but His word says it will not burn you!

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